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1930's - S.I.I.
Consolidated Alumni News

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- 1930 -

1930 - TAPS
Edwin Jennings 1930's died in January 2001.

- 1931 -

1931 - TAPS
Alma Shoffeitt Morgan, Class of 1931, died 9/6/2000.

- 1932 -

1932 - TAPS
Col. Willis Cox, Class of 1932, died in July of 1999.
John Mart Simmons, Class of 1932, died in August of 1999.

- 1933 -

1933 - TAPS
Dr. Ralph W. Adams, Class of 1933, died 5/13/1998.
Maj. Eli Howell, Class of 1933. (Third president of SII/LWMA.)

- 1934 -

1934 - TAPS
Elizabeth Henderson, Class of 1934.
Dalton King, Class of 1934.
H. T. Smith, Class of 1934.

- 1935 -

1935 - TAPS
Vera Wilkins Jones, Class of 1935, died 2/4/1997.
Earnest Mac Sharman, Class of 1935, died 12/12/1995.
Miles Albert Smith, Class of 1935, died 2/16/1987.

Date: 9/2001
LWMA Sentinel News - September 2001

Frank Zobel, Class of 1935, lives in San Diego, CA and remembers his days at SII.

- 1936 -

1936 - TAPS
Dr. Ross Dean '36, died in January of 1998.
Billie Dyson, Class of 1936.
Martin V. Herrington, Class of 1936, died on 2/8/1998.
Earl Langley, Class of 1936.
Watkins Sharman, Class of 1936.
Paul Talbot, Class of 1936.

Date: 12/2002
LWMA Sentinel News - December, 2002

Inez Cox Brock, Class of 1936

Competitive Golfer at 84 Years

I was the first female golfer at Willow Point Country Club to have a hole-in-one!" At 52 years old, Mrs. Brock learned how to play golf. She took to golf like a duck to water. Her golfing career of 32 years has included competing in statewide competition.

A nurse by training, she retired and began to make her family and golf her fulltime mission. "We loved SII. My brothers Vernon Cox '27 and Clifton Cox '33 graduated from SII. My son, Stan (Stanley Brock '62), and my sister, Virginia Cox, attended for five years."

;Although her arthritis is slowing her down, she plays nine holes every Wednesday morning at Magnolia Golf Club in Montgomery, AL. "I learned from SII and my mother that we are to use what we have and do not worry about what we do not have - accomplish something everyday."

- 1937 -

- 1938 -

1938 - TAPS
Grady Goodson '38, died on 10/28/2001.
Jack Farris Heard, Class of 1938, died on 8/22/2003.
Paul Howard McQueen, Class of 1938, died on 12/8/1998.
Nellie Stanfield Goodman, Class of 1938, died on 12/9/1998.

- 1939 -

1939 - TAPS
Dr. King Adams '39 died on 3/1/1997.
John C. Dalby, Class of 1939, died on 8/23/1993.
Hattie Jean Flurry, Class of 1939, died on 12/20/1994.
Mary Jennings Lustig, Class of 1939, died on 4/13/1998.
Lillian Standfield Hancock, Class of 1939, died on 6/17/1999.
Charlotte Synder Donaldson, Class of 1939, died on 12/22/1994.

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Source #4 = the Alumni Office at L.W.M.A. - as we receive it.

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Source #6 = the Alumni Message Board at www.lwalumni.org.

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