by Betty Jo Davis '46

RE: Miss Blaisdell, English Teacher
RS. BETTY JO DAVIS '46 writes:

    Miss Blasidell's career spanned many years. My mother, Edith Cadenhead Davis and her older sister, Mabel C. Farrar, were her students, Class of 1917. I think later, another younger sister, Frances C. Bolt, class of 1925, was in her class, also. Aunt Mabel Farrar was on the Board of Trustees of the school for years. I graduated in 1946. I spent the World War II years there, thereby avoiding Columbus, Georgia's crowded schools.

    Dr. Ward was retired, but maintained an office in the main building. I did his correspondence for a while. Very interesting. Mr. Kirkland was a tough "Task Master", but I learned lessons that have served me well, both in the business world and private life.

To read more about Miss Blaisdell, See Paul Srtobel's about her. (Click on her name.)

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