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1950's - S.I.I., L.W.S. and L.W.M.A.
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- 1950 -

1950 - TAPS
Walton Wayne Griffith, Class of 1950, died 9/2/1994.
Earnest Love, Class of 1950, died 1/18/2005.

Date: 9/2001
LWMA Sentinel News - September 2001

Beryl Buck ('50), who attended SII from 1948 to 1950, lives in Ft. Walton Beach, FL and keeps busy with her part time and volunteer work.

- 1951 -

1951 - TAPS
Kenneth C. Griffith '51, died 6/1/2003.

Date: Sept 2000
Alumni News Letter from the Alumni Center at LWMA.

Marlene Smith, class of 1951,
lives in Aurora, CO. She dedicates herself to volunteering her services to the needy. She works with hospitals, giving performances for Senior Centers and now ministers to one special retirement hone. She feels that so many seniors have no one to care for him or her and enjoys working with them.

- 1952 -

Date: 9/2001
LWMA Sentinel News - September 2001

Charles Naff, class of 1952, is retired President of Health Care Consumer Product for Schering Plough Corp. He is married and has three sons and one grandson. He states that he is an avid golfer.

- 1953 -

- 1954 -

1954 - TAPS
Carolyn Caffee Egan-Smith, Class of 1954, died 3/31/2001.
Nelson Watts, Sr., Class of 1954, died in April 1999.

Date: 12/2002
LWMA Sentinel News - December, 2002

Dorothy Gabbett Moore '54

Alumni Association Secretary to Retire

Mrs. Dorothy Gabbett Moore, a graduate of Lyman Ward School, Class of 1954, who has served in recent years as executive director of the Southern Industrial Institute/Lyman Ward Military Academy Alumni Association, has announced that she will be retiring at the end of December 2002. In addition to her role with the Alumni Association, which began in 1994, she has also been the director of the SII/L WMA Museum.

She was instrumental in indexing and cataloging the collection of items and artifacts that make up the School Museum both before and after the movement of the Museum into the new Alumni Center at the eastern entrance of the Academy. Prior to her role with the Alumni Association and museum, Mrs. Moore sponsored the Sentinel, published by students at Lyman Ward, for four years.

After finishing at Lyman Ward School, Mrs. Moore graduated from Jacksonville State University in 1959 and taught at Camp Hill High School. She operated a private kindergarten in Camp Hill and later substituted at the high school.

She served on the faculty at Tallapoosa Academy in Dadeville from 1970 to 1982.

After retirement, Mrs. Moore plans to travel with her husband, Olice, enjoy their grandchildren, work on her family genealogy, and maintain a home in Camp Hill.

Date: 11/16/2002

From: Ted Tillinghast '54
Subject: The Class '54

For your information, I've sent an e-mail to Dorothy Moore asking her to notify those that might be interested about this bit of history which seems to have slipped through the cracks: The school's name was Southern Industrial Institute through the school year ending in 1953. For the school years ending in 1954 and 1955 it was named Lyman Ward School --- my diploma, Class of 1954, indicates I graduated from Lyman Ward School.

After 1955 the name was changed to Lyman Ward Military Academy.

Thank you for your service to the alumni association.

- 1955 -

Date: Jan 2003
Alumni News Letter from the Alumni Center at LWMA.

James Welden, class of 1955,
is a 3rd year medical student with USA College of Medicine in Mobile, AL. He is pursuing a residency spot in Interventional Radiology.

Date: 6/26/2001

Name: Bill Williams '55

Comments: We (my wife and I) thought that some of the lost then found would be listed by now. I received a phone number for Shelby Caffee in Vallejo, CA, but lost it after the alumni meeting. Perhaps someone can help me find his phone number and address again?

- 1956 -

- 1957 -

- 1958 -

- 1959 -

Date: Feb 2000
Sentinel Alumni News

Joseph Nelson Vann '59,
who attended LWMA from 1957-1959, lives in Trussville, AL. He is an Assembly Leadman with USCO Power Company in Birmingham, AL. He enjoys several hobbies and his family.

Date: 3/21/2002

Richard Hahn, Class of 1959,
is researching Major Eli Howell's combat tour with the 101st Airborne Division during WWII. Anyone having any information should contact him or the alumni office. (Major Howell was the third president of the school and he converted it into a military academy.)

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