L.W.M.A. Pets

Story by Derron Owens('62) - April 2001
Orangeburg, SC

Flying Squirrel
flying squirrel

I think it was in 1959 or 1960 that some of the cadets kept a few unauthorized roommates. I am trying to remember who had what, but 40 years is a long time. I think Alex Kritzky had a flying squirrel. He kept it on a little chain, like the ones you pull on a lamp. It would stay in his shirt pocket, I tried hard to catch one but never did. It was fun to play with him and would take your mind off being homesick. Someone had a rabbit, a black rabbit. Don't know how he got hold of a rabbit at school. He didn't stay to long though, but if I remember right, he was given to a girl in Dadeville.

I like the fall when the air turned crisp and a chill was in the air. The leaves started to turn a golden brown and the chipmunks would run around hunting acorns and nuts. I loved to watch them play and run around. One Saturday I tried to catch one and I did. He bit me, but I hung on to him. I took him back to my room but did not know what to do with him, so I put him in my laundry bag. I made a little cage out of an old coke crate and some screen wire. We don't have chipmunks where I lived back then, and I didn't really know how to care for him, so you try and learn. Have you ever tried to hide something during an inspection? It's hard to do. I hid his cage under the bed in the far corner with a towel draped across the top of it. Should not have used a white towel, it stood out like a sore thumb. Well I was TOLD to release the chipmunk back where I found him. That was a Saturday morning that I said goodbye to that little friend of mine. I didn't try to catch anything else, but I would go to woods every now and then to see if I would see him, but I never did.

Derron Owens '62

Lake Mary 1999

Lake Mary - L.W.M.A. Campus
October 1999
Photo by Brian V. Brunner('64)

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