The Raid That Never Happened


You Know How Brasso Stinks?

Story by Sammy Chambers ('65)

Date: Thu, Aug 17, 2000 8:53 PM
Subject: THE BRASSO BOMB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This story took place in the same month that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

November, 1963.

My first year at LWMA I was in the band. Our Company* was in the second floor of Ross Hall which was above the mess hall. Six of us were sharing one room that had a private bath. I know this sounds crowded, but then this is a very large room.

The Raid was the Tuesday before we left for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.
The reason for the Raid I can only assume. It must have been for the fun of it. Shepard "Skeeter" Lindsay('64) was our Band Company Commander and he said we were going to be raided, so we took him at his word. No one ever entered our barracks but we prepared for them anyway. There was a dirt road that ran behind the barracks and went down to the football field. The raid was to begin after taps had sounded. Our room had two big windows in it, one of which would open to the roof out over the kitchen on the back of the building. This was to be my post, looking down on the dirt road below. I had already mixed up some sort of conglomeration that consisted of Brasso, cigarette ashes, Coca Cola, and whatever else I could find.

I was dutifully sitting my post when I heard someone trotting up the road. I eased over to the edge of the roof and waited to ambush the adversary. I had the Brasso bomb at the ready. He would never know who or what had hit him! I waited patiently as he came closer, and when he was directly below me I dumped the bottle of "Brasso bomb" and it did find its target. The cadet stopped and said, "#####**@@@@~~~~!!!!!!!?????". I was very proud of what I had just done and later bragged to my fellow roommates. They to were proud and laughed with me.

When we came back from Thanksgiving, I found out that the poor unfortunate person was Alex J. Hardwick('64). The way I understand it, he was dating a girl in Camp Hill, and was on his way to see her when he was introduced to my bomb. I talked with Alex later, and I'm glad to report that he was a good sport about it.

Alex was the only person I remember seeing, and no, as far as I can remember he was not singled out. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.

Sammy Chambers

Ross Hall
Ross Hall from the west side.
The roof on the back (left) of the building
was the kitchen roof at the time of this story.

* Editor's Note: This was first year that the band was a company by itself. Prior to this time the band was a group of volunteers from all the other companies, just as the drill team was.

Edited by Brian V. Brunner('64)

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