The Short Walk at Midnight


The Long Run Back!

Story by Sammy Chambers ('65)

Date: 8/5/2000
Subject: Ghost at Lyman Ward

    I do have a story you can add to your collection of things that go bump in the dark.

    It was on a Friday night in the Spring of 1964 that Tommy Bridges ('66) and myself decided we would play a little trick on Ernest Gimmel ('64) from Clarksburg West Virginia. We enlisted the help of Rick "Coon Doggie" Osley ('64), to go to the academic building (Tallapoosa Hall) about 2350 hours, then we would follow at 2400 hours. Rick was to wear his black rain coat, put his clear rain cap cover on, put shaving cream all over his face and wear his white gloves. Rick was to be hiding behind the stage stairs and waiting for us at 2400 hours.

    We were all in Band Company which was at that time above the mess hall (Ross Hall) so this was only a 60 second trip if you ran real fast to the academic building.

    At 2350 hours we got Ernie and headed for Tallapoosa Hall. As we were exiting our barracks there was a huge clap of thunder and the bugle system started to warm up. This added a lot of mystery to what was about to take place. Even today I have no explanation for it.

Back Stairs

    As we reached the academic building we entered in the front and turned left and went down the long dark hall turning on our flashlights as we went. At the end of the hall we started to climb the stairs. At the top we turned right and started down the hall with flashlights playing off the walls and ceiling. About twenty some odd feet from the auditorium steps Rick stood up and I mean to tell you "I" knew who it was, and it scared me. The shaving cream had dried on his face and it looked a ghostly pale, this and his hands were all you could see. Friend, you're talking about three cadets who turned and started running, we were at a full gallop. I hit the front door first and sometime between the door opening and closing Ernie passed me!

    We all went on to bed and there was nothing said about it till the next afternoon. That's when Ernie told us that he thought it was his father who had died several years earlier. Tommy and I excused ourselves from his room and spoke no more of what had happened.


Tallapoosa Hall image printed in 1964
Tallapoosa Hall

    I have another one about Alec Hardwick ('64) that happened the night before John Kennedy was killed. Give me a little time and I will put it together for you.

Sammy Chambers

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