The L.W.M.A. - Camp Hill High School Football Game of 1967


Two Good Men


Jack "Coach" Hankins ('70)

Jan-19 2001, 7:52 p.m.

We played Camp Hill in football for the last time in 1967 I think. The trophy we got for winning the game was at one time in Col. Smith's Office. I am glad to be a part of that game and team. WE WON! Marshall V. Hogan('68) scored a touchdown if I remember correctly, but my good friend Ray Blackburn('68) didn't score and I know he wanted to real bad. (If I can remember) This game was really important to coach Gooden. It was like Alabama and Auburn playing each other. Coach really had us playing hard that year. Our record was 7 wins and only 3 loses. We played Camp Hill at Camp Hill. It was really special to coach Gooden.

I owe a great deal of my life to Coach Gooden and Col. Ramsey. They talked me into going in the teaching and coaching field. They really touched my life as well as many other students. God bless them both as i know he has. Good luck to all and God bless.

Jack Hankins '70
(snake) QB, # 17
LWMA Coach (1976-78)

Ranger Pride!
Ranger Pride!

Photo from the web site.

Postscript from Brian Brunner ('64)

       After I posted this story Paul Tate sent me the following note:

Subject: Photo Technicality
Date: 2/6/01 7:30PM
From: Paul Tate (LWMA Faculty 1965-83)


You probably already know this, but the trophy that is pictured in the Ranger Pride snapshot following Jack Hankins' story is not the infamous LWMA/Camp Hill football trophy. This picture was set up by me and photographed by a professional photographer who assisted us in producing a new four-color catalogue and brochure. The trophy we used here is from a much earlier era than Jack Hankins'.


Postscript from Brian Brunner ('64)

Subject: Photo Technicality
Date: 2/23/03 3:30PM

Special THANKS to Bill Thomaspn '69, who was kind enough to give me have a set of yearbooks from 1967 to 1975. I now have a picture of the correct trophy.

The picture below came from 1967 Ranger at the end of 1966 football season. Here is what is printed on the bottom right corner of the picture:

     The revolving trophy was established four years ago by the Camp Hill bank with interest of stimulating the sport of football between the LWMA Rangers and Camp Hill High School Wolverines. The school winning the trophy for three consecutive years may keep it. The Wolverines won the trophy the first two years, and the Rangers have won it the past two.

Ranger Pride!

Photo from the 1967 LWMA Ranger Annual

The 1966 score was on this page also, but had to be deleted during the scanning process.
That score was LWMA 45 - CHHS 24.

I was unable to scan one story of the 1967 LWMA - CHHS football game that appears in the 1968 yearbook, because the story was truncated on the bottom and right site in order to make it fit the page and makes no sense without the missing text. However, the score is readable on a different part of the page.
That score was LWMA 19 - CHHS 7.

Summary: The Trophy was started in 1963 and went for five years. CHHS won in 1963 and 1964, and LWMA won in 1965, 1966 and 1967 to end the program and retain the trophy.

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