Major K.


I Remember the Killingsworths

Bill Thomason ('69)


     Just wanted to add my memories and thoughts regarding 'ol Major "K", as we called him. He wasn't too much into the military stuff and would sometimes grumble if you DID salute him on the sidewalk! What he WAS into, however, was excellence in the classroom and perfection in the band room. Here are my recollections....

     Major K taught me Trigonometry (Algebra III) and then, my senior year, Algebra IV!! I don't remember exactly what IV entailed but it was indeed some wild mathematical material that he seemed to know by heart. As you know, as an adult became a C.P.A. and I have always credited my love and hopefully, a bit of apptitude for numbers, to the instruction and guidance I received from Major K.

     The other thing, however, about Major K. was that he was a very accomplished musician - trumpet player to be specific - and if my memory isn't totally shot, he was a member of the marching band while at college in Auburn. As you mentioned, he was the band director at LWMA and when I appeared there in 1966 with saddle oxfords on my feet and a trumpet in my hand, we sorta formed a bond. In fact, my junior year he, I and another trumpeter name Riley played a famous trumpet duet (or whatever you call it when there are three) called "Bright Eyes" at the spring band concert. He was a great trumpet player and I remember he played real loud at the concert to cover up mine and Riley's snorting and squeaking!!

     Finally, I must mention his beautiful wife, Mrs. K. Looking back, she must have been all of 21 or 22 years old at the time, but all the cadets in Band Company thought she was the most beautiful adult woman ever to step foot on campus. When we would travel to away-games during football season, Major K. would always drive the bus and Mrs. K. would follow in their car with three cadets to ride along with her. Trust me; there was always a lot of rank-pulling amongst us cadets to see who would get to ride in the car that particular Friday night!

     I read a while back that Major K. had passed away and was so sorry to hear of it. Hopefully, Mrs. K. is well and knows how many young men her late husband influenced during his time at LWMA.

Best regards,
Bill Thomason
Class of 1969

Maj. Killingsworth
Maj. Jerry D. Killingsworth
1963 Yearbook Photo

Mrs. Killingsworth
Mrs. Doris Killingsworth
1967 Yearbook Photo

Bill Thomason
Bill Thomason '69
1969 Yearbook Photo

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