Col. Ramsey's Car, Three Broken Toes,


One Flip-Flop


Jack "Coach" Hankins ('70)

Jan-19 2001, 11:13 p.m.

I see from my last story I can't spell Camp Hill. Anyway I can always blame Paul Tate??? (He will like that.) There are many other stories to tell.

I could write a book. Like the time me and Mike O'Neill ('70) from B'ham tried to roll Col. Ramsey's car parked right in front of the old military building (Ross Hall). Then someone came up the road and we took off running and I fell and scraped, cut, bruised, and broke three toes. I thought I was fast, but when I was lying on the ground in pain and saw Mike run past me (He was 6'4" & 260 lbs.) I knew something was wrong.

Jimmy Moore ('70) from Mobile came from "B" Company and picked me up and took me to the barracks. He was 1st Sgt. and I was company XO. Nothing ever came out of it except crying (by me) and laughing by everyone else. But about three days Col. Ramsey had put the pieces together and we both had to do some extra cleaning for him.

It was about two weeks before graduation and I was the only graduate wearing one flip-flop on my right foot. Now it hurts just to think about it.

Jack Hankins '70
(snake) QB, # 17
LWMA Coach (1976-78)

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