The Lyman Ward Military Academy - Ranger - 1971

Robert F. Burris '71

Robert F. Burris...


     If ever a high school yearbook should be dedicated to a student attending the school (a custom which is not followed), Robert Flippin Burris would certainly receive the honor, because beyond all doubts, he is perhaps the most outstanding graduate to receive a diploma from Lyman Ward Military Academy.

     Such a statement is not to lessen the school's feelings for all its graduates in all its history, because we have been able to find some greatness in all our students. It is just that Bob Burris has excelled in far more areas than all the rest so far, and we wish to use him as an example for all future graduates to follow.

     A five-year student, Bob the 1970-71 battalion commander, has received more honors than any other LWMA student-perhaps the greatest being his election last spring to the presidency of all Alabama Beta Clubs, a job which has carried him all over the state as a representative of Lyman Ward Military Academy.

     Before graduation with the rank of lieutenant colonel, he had been accepted at both West Point and the Air Force Academy. In each of his five years at LWMA, Bob received either the junior or senior Sullivan Citizenship Award, In five years, he missed the "All-A Dean's List" only once; was selected outstanding cadet in all four of his military classes; and was twice named as an "Outstanding Teenager of America." He was a charter member of the local Beta Club and served as vice president for one year and president for two years. He also was a member of the yearbook staff for one year; the newspaper staff for three years; and the French Club for two years. In the LWMA production of "Camelot," Bob played the role of Merlyn; and in his senior year, he starred in a key role of "Macbeth."

     From his very first year at LWMA he assisted in all sports either as a player or a manager. He was named the Most Outstanding Defense Lineman in 1970-71; and received the award for out-standing contribution to athletics in 1968-69. He was trainer, manager and score keeper for basketball for five years.

     Bob is the second of three Burris brothers to graduate from Lyman Ward. His older brother Chip graduated in 1969 and David, "the last of the Burrises," is to graduate in 1972. Their permanent home address is 1602 Fifteenth Avenue, Franklinton, Louisiana. Space limitations prevent the listing of all the awards, activities, and events with which Bob has been associated. We have attempted here only to give credit in those most outstanding areas.

By Paul Tate - 1971 Ranger Annual - Page 23

Information from the 1971 Ranger Annual:

Clay Sturrup '71_______________Co-Editor
Robert Burney '71______________Co-Editor
David Burris '71_______________Sports
Paul Tate______________________Faculty Advisor

The Lyman Ward Military Academy - Sentinel - December 1974


Robert F. Burris at West Point

     ROBERT BURRIS, Lyman Ward Class of 1971 and now a senior at West Point, Is shown receiving the George Washington Honor Medal from Lt. Gen. William A. Knowlton, superintendent of West Point. Bob, who was cadet battalion commander during his senior year at Lyman Ward, received the medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for his essay on "Human Goals - Values for Living" which was based in part on a speech that the 21-year old gave while he was president of Alabama State Beta Clubs during his senior year. Bob is from Frank1inton, La.

The L.W.M.A. Sentinel - December 1974 - Page 3

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