1970's Yearbook Eagle

1975 Ranger Yearbook Introduction

A lot to look
back on

By the 1975 Ranger Yearbook Staff
- John Banks, Editor

  At Lyman Ward you've much to look back on. Traditions, crisp morn-
ings, friendships, spit and polish, and a place to learn in a setting where
it is easy to get back to nature. There is the atmosphere of military
bearing, academic growth and physical development. This is the place
where you can be unique . . . an individual . . . regardless of the sea
of khaki. You are special because you are a pan of everything . . .
because you are being yourself and that's natural.

  You are a part of shared ideas, expressed opinions . . . and someone
does listen. You believe in yourself and Lyman Ward believes in you.
You have personal interests and motivations; you are encouraged to be
an adventurer - a seeker.

  Lyman Ward is a personal experience . . . getting involved . . .
becoming active. You are pan of a total experience as you take an
active pan in physical contests, mental exercises and military regimen-
tation. You are the catalyst of a continuing CAMARADE among fellow
cadets, administrators and faculty by which you find a gratifying way to
learn, to seek for yourself, to challenge yourself, to initiate self-devel-
opment and mind expansion.

  You are pan of a brotherhood. The result of this is a stimulating cross-
section of people with varying interests and a variety of hopes for the
future. You are pan of a successful blending of seventy-six years of tra-
dition and progress -what you expect from a prep school.
You are an active pan in involvement. You are developing a profi-
ciency in music, or an, or languages, or history, or drama. You take
the opponunities to expand your creative abilities.

  And in the future you too will open new doors and encourage involve-
ment and enrich the lives of others. You have the opportunity to dis-
cover yourself at Lyman Ward because the possibilities are limitless.
You'll find new doors to open yourself because at Lyman Ward you have
the chance.

1975 Ranger Staff
1975 Ranger Staff

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