SGT Jackson
- SFC Earl Jackson -
ROTC Instructor &
Supply Officer

SFC Earl Jackson - "WAR DADDY"
(My View)

J. C. "Crack" Sizemore ('76)
Columbus, GA - 2/07/02

It was my pleasure and privilege to serve under SFC Earl "War Daddy" Jackson (USA Ret.) my Senior year at LWMA as the battalion supply officer. There has never been a finer man to grace God's green earth. When I first arrived at LWMA, he was in charge of the Silver Rifle Drill Team and to this day I can still picture him standing on the front road, swagger stick in hand, barking out commands to high school kids that he molded into men. I honestly don't believe there has ever been another high school drill team or ever will be one other than War Daddy's which performed front to the rear exchange with 03's and fixed bayonets. It was a sight to see and if you ever witnessed it, you will never forget it. He ran supply much the same way. There was a place for everything and everything had its place. Don't dare screw up any paperwork unless you wished to feel his wrath. As the battalion supply officer it was my responsibility to follow his directives and insure they were carried out but I also saw the compassion and care this man had for his work and cadets. The times when he thought no one heard the words of encouragement to the young cadet who was very distraught, the times he would come during off duty hours to insure a cadet had the proper fitting uniform for the next day's inspection and/or parade, or the time he and I spent after hours making sure we were prepared for AFI. Not only was he my teacher and mentor, as time went by, I came to know him as a wonderful friend.

From the TAPS Page:

Sgt. Earl Jackson, Supply Officer - LWMA, died on May 26, 1993.
He was supply officer at LWMA from 1968 - 1969 before serving a tour in
Vietnam and Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He returned to LWMA in 1971
and was here until his death. He is survived by his wife, Jeanette,
two children and four grandchildren.

(From the October 1993 Lyman Ward Sentinel.)

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