Msgt Edwards



Msgt Edwards - 1975
MSGT Robert Edwards
1974 Ranger Yearbook

By Henry Artime '78

Posted to the message board on 5/24/03
addressed to Brian Brunner '64

      Brian, I sure wish I had some stories to tell. I must be repressing my memory, because after being at LWMA for 5 years I should have at least one tall tale to speak of............... What stands out? .... Pulling galley duty and having the senior hoodlums, er I mean cadets ensure the junior cadets police the incinerator only to suddenly have a small explosion due to an aerosol can cleverly placed in the fire? ... Nah, but I do recall one Saturday morning when MSgt. Edwards did our barracks/locker inspection. He was asking cadets two questions, the first one was "Are these all the shoes you have, and are there any shoes in your laundry bag?" Yes or No! It was quite common to hide a pair of shoes that were not up to par in your laundry bag, well the right answer was yes or no depending on your status, to which he would promptly give you a merit point for telling the truth. I on the other hand had decided that the truth was not the right answer but the wrong answer and said, "No sir!" and with conviction I might add. Well, old MSgt. Edwards had me dump my laundry bag on the bed and low and behold I not only had a pair of unpolished shoes there before both our eyes, but a few more demerits, which at the time, I didn't need. I can't recall if I learned a lesson at that exact moment, but I did carry that type of leadership through my 23 year military career. I always asked my subordinates one thing, just tell me the truth and I'll take care of you. Simple plan that brought respect. MSgt. Edwards was respected by all. For those that didn't have the pleasure of associating with one on LWMA's finest military instructors, just think of the character Robert Duvall played in the movie "Apocalypse Now." I mean this in a good way.

Henry Artime
Senior Chief Petty Officer
United States Navy

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