The Big Fight of 1978

(Part II of this story)


Wendy Warner Lovett!

Wendy Warner Lovett('78)
Columbus, GA - April 2001

I would like to respond to the "Story" about Colin and myself. The "Fact" that Colin acted like a "Gentleman" is very far from the truth. Major Tate is quoted as saying: He behaved as a gentlemen in the pure sense of the word -- he behaved as he was expected to behave -- gallantly, irregardless of who is at fault, and thus he refused to strike a lady and thus he received the "worst end." The message, unfortunately, continued to be that year that the battalion commander was wimpish, ineffectual, and non-deserving, as evidenced by his being beaten by a girl. The sneers and jeers of his classmates were not because he was being outclassed and undersized, it was because they knew the truth about the "fight" and not Colins clouded version of it. It started because he called me a name that was not very nice, I tried to slap him he blocked it, I turned to walk away and he hit me in my back with his fist. The version he gave to Col. Morman and Major Tate was quite different though... I received demerits and had to walk the Flagpole. Did I receive the punishment I should have? Probably not. Neither did he. In fact he received no punishment at all! Was the act Childish? Yes, but then that's what we were, children. All I knew at the time was that the young man with whom I had been very much in love with had called me a name and hurt me in front of friends, Ken Cook, Jim Lowe, may he rest in peace, Jim Moore, Greg Bell, may he also rest in peace, and my Cousins. The female in me wanted to hurt him like he had hurt me. Do I regret what happened? Of course I do.

Colin was my best friend. I am sure we both lost a lot of respect that day, not to mention the loss of our own friendship. If this "fight" had been between two boys or two girls it wouldn't have lasted in the memories of so many for so long. I have always been told everyone gets 15 minutes of "Fame". I just wish mine could have been because I am an Animal Rights Advocate or because I am a great Mom, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Wife, Daughter and all around neat person! Just ask Doc and Mrs. C. I refer to them as Aunt and Uncle!!

Have a GREAT life every one! And Remember me because I am Human not because I err!

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