by Robert Post '84
May 29, 2001

I arrived at LWMA in September of 1981. Being from Pennsylvania, I found the local inflections difficult to understand. On my first day, a cadet came into my room and asked, " Do you have a pen?" This sounded like, "Do you have a pin?" I replied, "No" There were several pens and pencils on my desk in plain view. He thought I was a real wise-ass and said "Yes you do, right there!" He snatched the pen and proceeded to use it. Being a Yankee and all, I was very anxious during my first days at LWMA and wanted nothing more than to fit in and not be noticed. This was one of my first verbal exchanges with another cadet and it did not further this cause. I did learn to listen carefully before responding until I had a better handle on the southern accent.

My Philadelphia accent was severely tempered by the end of my first year, and by the time I graduated, I definitely had a mild southern accent. I have since slowly slipped back into having a "Philly" accent.

Rob Post '84

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