The Bus Breakdown of 1982


Please, STOP!

Story by Patrick Dixon '83
June, 2001

I can not believe how many people I have been in touch with. This web site is great. Does anybody know how to get in touch with Wanda or Bonita? Wanda and I have a great story about going to Tuscaloosa with the Drill team. Man was that a great trip.

At that time we used the M1903 Rifles for drill. On our way back to the school old blue (the blue and yellow bus) broke down and no one would stop to help us. So some of the other guys and I had the bright idea to put the rifles out the windows until someone stopped to help. About three minutes after that an Alabama State Patrol officer was there on a call about a shooting. Needless to say we where back at school in no time.

And Little Poco, may you rest in peace.

Well I have got to go for know. Keep those e-mails coming, please.

Patrick Dixon

Editor's NOTE: Rest assured, those M1903 rifles CANNOT be fired. They have no firing pins and they all have concrete plugs in the barrels.

That was true in 1964, 1982, and today!

Edited by Brian V. Brunner '64

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