L.W.M.A. Brass Crossed Rifles

L.W.M.A. Military Police

In the 1970's & 1980's

By Steve Crum ('83),
John Strunk, LWMA Faculty, 1967 - 1974,
and Brian V. Brunner ('64)
From the LWMA Alumni Message Board.

Date: 6/10/2003 10:48 pm
From: Brian V. Brunner '64

     Hello out there in Internet Land!

     Would someone from 1969-70 tell me about LWMA MPs in this picture from 1970 Ranger?

1970 LWMA MP
LWMA MPs - 1970
(L-R) James Coxwell '72, Fred Herpich '70,
A. B. Causey '71, & Jeff West '70

6/11/2003 9:12 am
From: Steve Crum '83
To: Brian Brunner '64

      Brian, I don't know about the MP's in that picture, but I know that during the time I attended LWMA (1979-1982) we had MP's for all events where cadets could and a lot of the times would roam the campus while the Faculty Staff's attention would be focused somewhere else; such as football games, dances, etc. The MP's were cadets who showed leadership & responsibility. They would patrol the campus (including the barracks) to make sure cadets were where they were supposed to be, and civilians (girls) were where they were supposed to be. No one was permanently assigned to the MP squad. Cadets were asked to volunteer for the assignment, and then were selected from the volunteer list by Battalion Staff members. Sometimes you were volunteered via your Platoon Sergeant or higher ranked cadet in your company. Sometimes I would volunteer and sometimes I was volunteered. Either way it taught me the meaning of authority and helped develop my leadership skills.

     This was another experience that helped me later in life that I had totally forgotten about until I saw the picture and remembered how proud I was while putting on my MP sleeve cover. Thanks, Brian, for the work you are doing.

Steve Crum '83

Date: 6/11/2003 9:55 am
From: Brian V. Brunner '64
To: Steve Crum '83

     Thanks for the info and for the great story! It really tells a lot about the wonderful things that happened to us at LWMA, even if we may not have liked them at the time...:)

     Bill Thomason '69 sent me all the yearbooks from 1967-75. (His mother worked for the printing company who printed our yearbooks. She gave him the extra copies after he graduated.) The picture of the MPs was in his extra copy of the 1970 Ranger. So I thank Bill for the yearbooks that are giving me the ideas and all the pictures.

     We had no cadet MPs in my time ('59-'64), but I think WE could have used them! Anyone who was a cadet at the start of LWMA, 1955-1960, knows what I am talking about. (Part of Message Deleted) ...

     Thanks again, Steve, for the insight and the great story. Now we need more input from other years about MPs, CQs, and ODs.

Date 6/13/2003
From: John Strunk
To: Brian V. Brunner '64

     Thank you again for the great job that you do with this web site.

     I recall the days of LWMA cadet MP's very well, and they were utilized on campus exactly as Mr. Crum related in a previous response to your photo. These cadets patrolled the campus during ball games and other events to act as a deterrent to acts of mischief, on the part of whom I'm not prepared to say.

     The cadets pictured in the photo from right to left are Cadet AB Causey, behind him in line is Cadet Fred Herpich and behind him I believe is Cadet Coxwell. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

(Rest of Message Deleted) ...

John Strunk (Faculty '67-'74)

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