Tactical Officer for One Year

Story By George Montgomery ('79)

I was a Tac Officer for one year at the Academy. In the 1982-83 school year I was assigned to "C" Company and HQ Company in Wallace Hall.

It was an unfair advantage I had over the cadets, as I knew all of the hangouts, trails, and the locals that would be friendly toward the cadet corps. Many of the cadets that were in my Companies dreaded to see me coming as I came up in the time where discipline was swift and sure and rarely came through the Commandant's office.

I was called on the carpet in the president's office on several occasions because some of the cadets' parents complained about my techniques for enforcing discipline. But, by the end of the year those same parents and cadets came to me and thanked me for bringing the troubled cadet around and improving the individuals attitude and performance. I only lost two cadets to dismissal.

George Montgomery '79

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