Fall Out!


Don't be Late!

By William Haynes ('85)

After reading story #59 "The Famous Toga Formation " I thought I would pass this little story along:

I remember this one, it was just after AFI (Annual Federal Inspection). The worst part was the Commandant of Cadets just passed by the barracks with his wife about the time we fell out into formation. That is after they called us out about four times. The whole company got an hour on the pole. Sgt. Guerra was out there with us the whole time.

That is one of my fondest memories of my time at Lyman Ward.

1. The year was 1985.
2. The 84/85 school year was my only year there. I was a freshman.
3. The Commandant of Cadets at the time was Col. Albert Jenrette. If I remember correctly he took over for Lt. Col. Marcus Morman in the second semester.

CPT Guerra
Captain Ed Guerra displays
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