An Article from the October 1987 Sentinel

     Alumni, relatives of deceased alumni, and friends have responded overwhelmingly to an appeal by the LWMA Alumni Association for funds to erect a Memorial Flagpole. This flagpole, which will replace the one now in use, will support a much larger American flag. Plans are for an engraved marker to be placed at the base of the flagpole dedicating it to the memory of deceased alumni.

Contributors to this project are:

William M. Roughton '72
William N. Kritzky '60
Robert J. Ingram '63
James C. Sizemore '76
Gilbert & Norene Smith
L. D. Weeks '68
John D. Clark '78
Col. W. P. Smith '47 and
Mrs. Peggy Smith
Martha Langley '22
John C. Smith
C. R. & Joyce Sizemore
LWMA Beta Club
W. H. Lowe
Virginia Cox Fenn
Terry Cawley '78
Sean Mitchell '87
Edgar K. Smith
Jack F. Heard '38
David R. Lyle '81
Pete R. Knight '47
Annie B. Adams '18
Wade A. Angelloz '81
Kathleen Roughton '26
Leland M. Gardiner '75
Ronald E. Harzman '86
Dr. & Mrs. C. Ross Dean '36
Jeanne Libby Johnston '48
Stanley Brock '62
Luis C. Garcia '67
David M. Nix '72
Chester P. Quinn '62
Richard E. Hardman '67

Alumni Memorial Flagpole and Plaque

Erected 1987 by the
L.W.M.A. Alumni Association

Alumni Plaque 1999

Photos taken in May, 1999

(Note: The brick and concrete base for the flagpole
and cannons was constructed in 1967.)

Flagpole 1999

Flagpole Stands Tall

An Article from tht February 1988 Sentinel

     The LWMA Alumni Association has now completed its project of a new flagpole in the center of the gun mount, directly in front of the new Headquarters building. The Alumni Association began just a little over a year ago raising funds for this project from its membership and friends. The erection of this taller and stronger flagpole means that the Academy will now be able to fly the large garrison flag on major occasions. It is a tremendous addition to the beauty of the campus and all alumni should be proud of this accomplishment. There is a simple marker at the base of the pole that states:

LWMA Alumni Association

     The Sentinel staff expresses its deepest appreciation, along with the staff and students, for this addition to the campus. We are proud of our alumni.

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