Part I by Bill Rougthton '72

While stationed in Germany, I had the opportunity to see various places of interest. One such place was a very plush resort tucked away in the German mountains. During my stay at this lovely resort I bumped into an old classmate, Charles Rowecliffe '72. How odd, it seemed to me, it was to find a classmate from LWMA in the mountains of Germany. While stationed in Alaska, Chris Langston '77 ran into Ken Kilgore '76. Terry Cloud '76 ran into Mack Flippin '76 while both were visiting Neptune Beach, Florida. Two more meetings of chance far away from the campus that acts as a common denominator.

You may ask yourself, "How can one small school be represented virtually worldwide?" or "Would you have ever thought you could run into another LWMA graduate hundreds or even thousands of miles form Camp Hill?" Those questions can be answered by observing the tradition LWMA (formerly SII) has established over the years. There is bond that exists between the individuals who have been to this institution. Regardless of background, their likes of dislikes, they will always be able to relate to one another. They have all endured similar hardships and similar good times. There is a brotherhood that extends its arms across this world we live in. It is indeed a small world!

Bill Rougthton
LWMA 1972

*This story first appeared in the school's newspaper, "The Sentinel", in the April 1987 "Special Alumni Edition". It is reproduced here exactly as it appeared in those pages.

From: Brian V. Brunner ('64)
Jun-7-2001 10:41 pm

After I posted the above story to the stories pages last week after I copied it from the April 1987 Sentinel I wrote Bill Roughton '72 and asked him if he had any problems with me posting it. Here's Bill's reply:



Not a problem. I do want to say though that I did not write that article.

It looks like information that I passed on to someone at school and they added the comments about the other "class encounters." I had a few more LWMA contacts in Germany and even a couple in Korea. That particular meeting with Chuck Rowecliffe was my first week in Germany in 1981. As I sat looking down at some tourist from the high ground that I was on my exact thoughts were that I was feeling a little homesick and felt that I would not see a familiar face for a long time. At that very moment this guy in the distant crowd looked really was Chuck, my classmate that stood next to me in the graduation ceremony at LWMA in 1972. He and I were captains in the Army and both of us had been cadet captains at LWMA. If you take on writing about "LWMA Class Encounters" or the like I have some more interesting comments and people that I can share.

Thanks for the note,

Part II by David Chambless '62

I was at Lackland AFB in 1964 in basic. One Sunday I went to this huge rec-room, pool tables, ping pong etc. There must have been 200 guys in there, and someone walks up to me and says "Cham", I looked up and saw and recognized Enzor (Terry Enzor '63). We chatted a while and I never saw him again.

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