I Remember Jason Giannattiasio,
Class of 1994

By Stephen Shillito '93

To: Phillip Potts '63
From: Stephen Shillito
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 04:02:50
Subject: Jason Giannattiasio, Class of 1994

      Hello. I was shocked to see that one of my fellow cadets, Jason Giannattiasio, Class of 1994, is no longer with us. In fact, I have a hard time believing it. He was my first squad leader and we all called him "Gee." In fact, my e-mail address "Hoconnel...", which I've kept for the past three and a half years, is an ode to him. Gee was slated to take an officer position the following year and he was practicing his commanding voice. There was a kid in our ranks whose name was Clay O'Connel. We all fell out on the quad one afternoon and Jason was put in charge of our company. O'Connel, for whatever reason, lagged behind in the barracks. When Gee saw that he was not in ranks with us, He turned toward the barracks and with a stern, commanding glance, he Shouted "HOCONNEL...Fall out on the quad...NOW!" Even though I was at attention and was not supposed to move whatsoever, I couldn't keep from having a smile on my face.

      But I would appreciate somehow being able to contact his family and recount to them some of my memories of him. If you can find out any info, I would be very grateful.

Thank you,
Stephen Shillito

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