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- 2000 -

Date: Jan 2001
Alumni News Letter from the Alumni Center at LWMA.

Paul Bushnell, class of 2000,
reported for Marine Basic Training and then reported to Camp Geiger, NC, for Marine School of Infantry. After graduation, he will report to his permanent duty station in Washington, DC for two years.

Date: 9/2001
LWMA Sentinel News - September 2001

Jason Eagan, class of 2000, completed his basic training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, CA.

Date: June 2003


Gary J. Kessel, Class of 2000, recently graduated from the New Orleans, Louisiana Police Training Academy. He is assigned to the 6th district Station. Congratulations Gary!

Date: May 2003

JOHN SHELBY, Class of 2000, is in Lewisville, TX and would like to contact classmates.

Date: 12/2002
LWMA Sentinel News - December, 2002

Hunter Smart 2000

Letter From A (former) Cadet

The following are excerpts from a letter received from former cadet 2LT Hunter Smart, Class of '00.

In 1998, I was just beginning my junior year in high school. Everything was dropping; my grades, my attitude, and the respect I had for myself and for others. My parents made the decision to send me to Lyman Ward Military Academy to better myself. At first, I had no idea what I had just gotten into, but as days turned into months, I began to notice a change in myself, and I liked it. LWMA is a place that makes children into young men. I learned so much about respect, discipline, sacrifice, and loyalty, and I had a sense of pride about myself that I have never had before. I went from being a D and F student to becoming an A student on the President's List.

After representing LWMA at Alabama Boys State, I set the goal to become second lieutenant in the United States Army. Upon graduation from LWMA, I earned an Army scholarship to attend Marion Military Institute and become a part of the Early Commissioning Program. I went on to attend ROTC Basic Camp at Ft. Knox, KY and returned to complete my freshman year at MMI. In the summer of 2001, I attended ROTC Basic Camp at Ft. Lewis, WA and was selected to attend US Army Airborne School. I returned to MMI with a set of wings on my chest and a goal almost in my grasp. I graduated the following year and was commissioned as a 2LT in the Army.

I then attended Troy State University, where I became a 4.0 student and was inducted into the Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society. Currently, I am Platoon Leader in the 214th Military Police Company in Alexander City. I plan to graduate from Troy State in July 2003 and attend Infantry Officer Basic Course, after which I hope to conquer Ranger school. I would like to thank the faculty of LWMA for helping me reach my vision and become the confident, self-directed young man I am today.

Date 4/2003

Samuel Ray Zito 2000

- 2001 -

Date: 12/2002

Dougals Rinker 2001
Hey y'all, as you can see from the e-mail address I'm in the army. M 63 Sierra all the way! That's a heavy wheeled mechanic for all you that don't know. I graduated basic on Oct 24th 2002 and will be out of AIT Jan 14th. From there it's off to Germany on Feb 7th for 2 years and then I'll decide what's next for me then. So for all my class of 2001 classmates that said I wouldn't make it in the service (T-Baum) hahahahaha, I did it, so there. Please feel free to e-mail me.

Date: 1/27/03

Name: Doug Rinker 2001
Comments: hey, i graduated may 20th 2001. I am now in the us army as a heavy whelled vehicle mechanic. I'm stationed in Vilseck Germany where the temp averages about 20 degrees all day. my unit is getting deployed to Kosovo as I speak but if I'm going I do not yet know. Please, anyone from the class of 2001 or anyone who knew me and wants to write please do. i love to get e-mail and it would be good to get some from some of my old buddies.
Take care all,
PV2 Doug Rinker
Monday, January 27th 2003 - 09:36:01 AM


DOUG RINKER 2001, is in the Army, stationed in Germany. Would like to hear from classmates,

Date: 3/2003

John William Shelby '01
1402 N. Valley Pkwy #502
Lewisville, TX 75077
I am currently working for a mortgage lender as a Loan Officer (Account Executive). I now have daughter that is 1 year old. I am hoping to maybe contact some old classmates if possible.

- 2002 -

Date 5/8/2003

Robert Allen Ohr '02
4208 Cheshire Bridge Rd.
Columbus, GA 31909
Comments: My name is Robert Ohr, I graduated form LWMA in may of 2002. I'm a musician, and I have a 2 bands. Right now, I live with my grandmother, taking care of her, and I work at the Olive Garden. I am now dating Lynett Chester, and will be showing up at LWMA more often now that I have the chance. If anyone wishes to contact me, feel free, I'd love to talk to my former classmates, and those that graduated before me.

- 2003 -

Date 7/2/03

Reed William Bickmore '03
163 Bluebell was
Franklin, TN 37064
Comments:Well, now that I have graduated, I am of to Utah State to study Psychology.

NEWS: Reed was Summer Camp Counselor at LWMA during the summer of 2003.


signed a football scholarship with WESTERN KENTUCKY.
Click here to read the Sentinel story.

- 2004 -


Trevor Edwards '04

NEWS: Trevor was Summer Camp Counselor at LWMA during the summer of 2003.

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