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December, 2000
To: All SII and LWMA Alumni
From: Tim Parker ('70) parkplce@pcola.gulf.net
Toll-free Phone # is 800-239-6624 and home phone # is 850-477-6949

Holiday Greetings to My Fellow Alumni:

This has been a very interesting year for all of us in terms of business, investments, elections, and most importantly, a new administration at our high school Alma Mater. My wish for you is that the prosperous and positive achievements in your lives and with your families will be tripled in the year 2001.

One of the important goals that I set for myself as president of the Lyman Ward Military Academy Alumni Association this year was to increase its membership and to bring into the brotherhood and sisterhood all of the graduates and former students of SII and LWMA.

Membership at the current time is particularly important for this reason. Continued operation and longevity of Lyman Ward Military Academy are determined by actions and decisions made by three entities, all related and yet separate. The Board of Trustees hires the administration; the administration hires the teachers and other staff and ensures student recruitment and enrollment; and the Alumni Association monitors the other two and makes recommendations as appropriate. The stronger the membership in the Alumni Association, the louder the voice of our common interest.

We wish the new president. Major General (Army Retired) Hennies and his staff, much success in implementing some of his plans, and we have offered our advise and assistance in many of the decisions that he is making. We have also pledged funds from the Alumni Association to continue to provide scholarship assistance to deserving cadets. Other uses of membership dues pay for clerical help, the alumni newsletter and an evening social at the Alumni Weekend (always the first weekend in May).

Please send in your $20 membership for the 2001 calendar year. We need your assurance that we can count on you for support as we represent your interest in Lyman Ward.

With best wishes and regards,
Tim Parker, 1970

Posted by:by Brian V. Brunner('64) - bbrunner@gsu.edu

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