Future Alumni Center and Museum
New Alumni Center

To: Members of the LWMA Alumni Association and Friends:

     This letter is designed to update you on the changes that have taken place in the last ten months.

     The Alumni Association was asked to move its office and museum out of Tallapoosa Hall last May and was moved to the Dixon All Faith Chapel. The Chaplin's office became the alumni office and the museum was split with one half in the conference room and the other half in the reception area of the chapel. This presented many problems such as isolation from the cadets and parents and inadequate security for the museum. Many of the alumni felt a change had to be made and requested the Board of Trustees look into ways of finding a solution.

     At the January meeting of the Board of Trustees, a Resolution was passed without a dissenting vote that clearly shows the school will support the Alumni Association. A copy of this Resolution is enclosed. We now have our property; it has been graded and is ready for the Alumni Center to be built. This lot is across from the Infirmary and is within thirty yards of the main entrance to the campus.

     All of us want a nice building that we can be proud of and the proposed Alumni Center will certainly do that but we will have to raise money for the Center to become a reality. Please think about what this project will do for the Alumni Association and the school that we all love. Give us what you can! Make your check payable to the LWMA Alumni Center Building Fund.

Signed - Tim Parker and Wesley P. Smith

Click here to see the Enclosed Resolution.

Click here to see the Enclosed Pledge Form.

See the floor plan below and other important points.

Alumni Center & Museum Floor Plan
New Alumni Center

Future Alumni Center and Museum
New Alumni Center
The Lyman Ward Military Alumni Association is seeking contributions to build an Alumni Center and Museum on the campus of the Academy across from the Infirmary at the main entrance. The Board of Trustees has provided the land for the Center with a long-term lease. With almost 1800 sq. ft. of inside space, there is ample room for expected growth in both the office and and museum. This new Alumni Center will be a great asset to the school and alumni.

1. LWMA is a non-profit organization; your contribution is tax deductible.

2. The LWMA Alumni Association continues to grow and has outgrown its present location.

3. The Museum is an important part of the history of LWMA. Caring alumni and friends of the school gave many of the items on display and they to be secured.

4. Capital development funds must come from donations from our alumni and supporters of the school. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

New Alumni Center Site
Future Alumni Center sign is to the left of the truck
parked across the road form the old infirmary.
(Photo Date 5/4/2001)

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