To My LWMA Friends

(an open note to Brian Brunner and all my LWMA friends)


Lewis D. Harrison ('63)


I just finished re-reading your story about Alex Kritzky It is a delightful story and just begins to scratch the surface on some of the things Alex did. It is funny that you should chose this time to do this story though.

This last weekend, my wife and I did an art show in a sleepy little town in Mississippi named Picayune. It was not a well attended show as there are not a lot of people there, but we did have two special guest stop by the booth and spend some time, Bill Kritzky and his wife Genoa. Bill looked wonderful and is still working as a machinist. He is very active with his friends that he made while serving in the U.S. Navy's Submarine fleet.

It has always amazed me how much Bill knows about trains.

My father made the "joints" that held the tracks together and we spent some time going up and down the tracks, but Bill knows the railroad and it's equipment. He can fire a steam locomotive from a dead standstill, and has, to all about what equipment is on the tracks today. If you like trains, you need to spend some time with Bill.

He is currently building a working steamroller. After it is completed he has been invited to bring it to LWMA and share it with the physics class. Some of us have a problem cutting out a birdhouse and making it fit together.

Bill has been active with the Lyman Ward Alumni Association since its rebirth in the middle 1980's. He has been returning to the school since he graduated, and that was a long before there was an Alumni Association or any meetings to attend. It has been years since he has missed an Alumni Day and most interesting to me is he tells stories of cadets and friends that have attended. He spoke of Diana Howell Hunter. Diana was 12 years old the first time I saw her, had freckles and brown eyes and living way down the road behind the "Panorama Truck Stop" in a pecan orchard. She grew up to be quite a lady and now lives with her husband in New Mexico.

It seems that we all mss Lyman Ward and I personally miss all of the cadets, staff, and friends I made in my six years there. Like some, after I lost my parents, it became my home. I made mistakes and I learned some hard lessons, but that beginning is what and why I am who I am now.

As some of you know my wife is an artist and we do art shows to make a living. One time we did a show on the Alumni weekend in Columbus GA. and I was able to attend during the Alumni weekend. I wish that had been the weekend that almost everyone returned for the Centennial in 1998. I think all of you that do get a chance to attend should, but hope you know I am always there is spirit.

I was not the winner of the spelling bee, and I am not an English major, so please do not grade my letter. I was one of Alabama's best Firefighter / Paramedics. If this letter catches on fire or you stop breathing, I can handle it.

Thanks for all of you being a part of my life.

Lewis D. Harrison, Class of 1963

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