I Never Knew


The Big Fight of 1978 - Part III


Paul Tate - LWMA Faculty, 1965 - 1983
Mobile, AL - April 2001

From the LWMA Alumni Message Board

Apr 26, 2001 11:00 pm

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)

I must hasten to let you know that Wendy's recent posting is most enlightening. This is absolutely the first time that anyone has said to me that Colin did indeed strike Wendy. I do not mean to imply that he didn't. I rather think that my just learning of this is the result of the following: Not telling on Colin is what siblings do, and this act, or the lack of it, is a good example of the kind of family that existed among the brothers and sisters of all the cadets who ever spent time at LWMA. Those cadet witnesses listed above by Wendy never came forward to say to me (and obviously or perhaps nor did they to Colonel Moreman or any other "authority"), "Wait! Colin hit Wendy in the back. He is at fault as well. Punish Colin as well." Because brothers protect brothers, the spirit of fraternity here remained strong. No one would "tell on" Colin because he too would be in trouble along with Wendy. (Aside from the fact that Colin's position as battalion commander gave him some cadet authority that could easily be used to come back to haunt the tattle-teller. Not supporting Wendy, even though they might have felt compelled to do so, did not represent much of threat for them.) Perhaps they did. Perhaps Colonel Moreman knew. I never did. As Paul Harvey says on radio, "And now you've heard the rest of the story." Thank you, Wendy, for making it complete, at least in my perspective.

I remember Wendy as a beautiful young lady, both in body and in spirit, much in evidence in the yearbook photograph posted here above of Wendy and Colin, in happier times. Wendy was "the apple of many a cadet's eye," probably all of them much more deserving of Wendy's attention than Colin's -- now that the truth is told. I can assure her with certainty that even today in the memory of her other LWMA classmates there are many other personal attributes about Wendy Warner that they will remember better than the "fight" with Colin Ardendorff.

It is good to hear from Wendy through these means, the same as it is whenever another "new person" finds these postings. I hope Wendy and others will come to the LWMA reunion on Saturday, May 5, 2001.

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