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Date: 5/23/02
To: All SII and LWMA Alumni and Friends
From Mrs. Dorothy Moore '54
Subjects: May 2002 - ALUMNI NEWS LETTER


MAY, 2002

Another school year has come to a close at Lyman Ward Military Academy. On May 19, thirty-six seniors walked down the aisle for the last time. Now they will become our new alumni members. We wish the best to all of the graduates.

Our annual meeting of the Alumni Association brought about many changes to our organization. A Board of Directors was formed in addition to the officers to guide the Association to a new height. Paul Tate, former teacher and special friend of the school, was named Executive Director. Serving with him will be Col. Wesley P. Smith, Tim Parker, Charles Sizemore, Roscoe Prater, Jim Nipper and the current President of LWMA, MG Lou Hennies. The purpose of the board is to provide control, direction and stability for the Association.

New officers for the coming year are as follows: President, T. A. Moore; Vice President, Melanie Arnold, Treasurer, Bill Roughton, Secretary, Ronnie Puryear. This is a group of dedicated alumni who will help the Association to become even better. President, T.A. Moore, told the group to never miss the opportunity to tell anyone about Lyman Ward and how it can help a boy.

MG Hennies spoke to the group about the current status of the school and what he hopes to accomplish in the future. He asked for each alumnus to give two new books to the library as a project for the Association. Let's get busy with this now. You may send either the books or money for books to Mrs. Marsha Hinnen, Librarian, P.O. Drawer 550, Camp Hill, AL 36850. Make sure you put Librarian on the envelope so that it will go to the correct place.

Two Resolutions were read at the meeting. The first one honors Ann Broughton Adams, who graduated in the class of 1918. She will be celebrating her one-hundreth birthday in June. The second Resolution was to create the new Board of Directors for the Association.

The Alumni Social was held at Holiday Inn in Opelika. A good time was enjoyed by all that attended. This event is the time for everyone to relax and spin some wild tales of yesteryears.

Plans are in the making to better display items in the Museum. This will be a big project for several years to come. If you have any items you would like to donate to the museum, please mail them to Mrs. Dorothy Moore, P. O. Drawer 550, Camp Hill, AL 36850. This is the where your items can be safely kept; not in your attic of basement. If you have any items that belonged to the school that you wish to return, you may do so without any questions asked.

An interesting story came about through email about students from San Salvador. Oscar Aparicio, class of 1986, writes that approximately 45 former students from LWMA meet and reminisce about their days in school here. He states that they meet about once a year and have about 90% of the alumni members to show up. He said the former cadets have done well in their lives since leaving LWMA. This is great for the guys as well as for the Alumni Association. This goes to show you how much an education and friendship means to those in other countries.

During the summer months, the office will only be open for limited hours. If you need to leave a message by telephone, please use the 256-896-2715 number. If you would like to FAX us, do so at 256-896-2864. Our email address is

Our website always has up to date information for you to view. It is (you are there now). We thank Phil Potts '63 and Brian Brunner '64 for keeping the site up and going.


Alumni Sign in Sheet - 5/4/02

1. William N. (SKI) Kritzky '60
2. Brian Brunner '64
3. David f. Edwards '51
4. James W. Nipper '61
5. Ken Russell '44
6. June Swertfeger Russell '47
7. Melanie Jarrell Arnold '81
8. Carter Kyser '41
9. Reese Slaughter '49-'51
10. Mary Slaughter
11. Betty Louise Hildreth '55
12. William K. Daniel (?)
13. Paul Strobel '43
14. Marry Blinel (?)
15. Ray Blackburn '68
16. Jane Watts '54
17. Lamar Willett '54
18. Robert M. Welsh '54
19. T. A. Moore '80
20. Tim Parker ' 70
21 .J. C. Sizemore '76
22. Elisabeth Prophitt Luers (?) '45
23. Charles Cook '64
24. Dawn Grayvard Boggs (?)
25. Norman L. Swan '47-'51
26. Jeffery Shane Hatcher 2001
27. Bryant R. Dromey (?) '92
28. James Chambless
29. Rod Gonzalez
30. R??f L??? (?)
31. Mike (or Mote or Morte) Bell(?) or Bill(?)
33. Wayne N. Martin '96
34. Richard C. Lewis (?) '98
35. Van & Dallas McLendon(?)
36. Sammy Chambers '65
37. Ronnie Puryear '68

Added to the list by sight at the alumni social in Opelika:

38. Robert Droke '61
39. David Chambless '60-'62
40. Thomas F. Bridges '66

As you can see, I could not make out some of the names on the list! If you have a correction or you want me add a name that was left off,
e-mail me at

Alumni Center

Alumni Center and Museum - Sept 29, 2001

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Compiled and edited by Mrs. Dorothy Moore('54)
and posted by Brian V. Brunner('64)