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LWMA Sentinel

The name "Sentinel" was suggested by Cadet Moi Harris for the first issue in 1962.

Sentinel News December, 2002


This edition of the alumni news had been compiled from the December 2002 edition of The LWMA Sentinel.

Rare Donation Given to Museum -

     The family name "Ross" has long been a part of the history and culture of both the Southern Industrial Institute (S.I.I.) and Lyman Ward Military Academy (LWMA). Now that name again has been memorialized because of a donation of an artifact to the SII/LWMA Museum, located in the new Alumni Center.

     Eugene Bottoms '43 and Thomas Bottoms, two brothers in whose care the Ross Bible had been entrusted for many years, have donated the Ross Family Bible to the Alumni Museum. Old family Bibles have traditionally been used to keep track of a family's history through the recording of births, deaths, and marriages of family members.

     The Ross Bible, now on display in the Museum, was published in 1829. The first recording of a marriage is that of Wiseman and Elvira Ross who were married on November 17, 1824. The oldest birth date is that of George Harper in 1763.

     David Alexander Green Ross, son of Wiseman and Elvira Ross, was born on December 15, 1830 and died on May 6,1911. A resident of Camp Hill during the early years of Dr. Lyman Ward's tenure as the Academy's founder, Mr. Ross believed in the ideals set forth by Dr. Ward.

     Records show that he made the first large contribution to the founding of the school in 1898. He continued to back the school financially often guaranteeing creditors of the school that they would be paid.

     The first school building was named in his honor - David Alexander Green Ross Hall. This building was constructed in 1900-1901 and burned in 1925, taking with it many of the early records of the school.

     A new building was constructed and still bears the same name. Today, it is used to house the ROTC department.

     D. A. G. Ross served three terms in the state legislature in Montgomery. Dr. Ward wrote on Mr. Ross' achievements, "It may be said in very truth, that Mr. Ross was a public servant in every sense of the word. Not the least of his public activities may be mentioned the large part which he bore in the founding of The Southern Industrial Institute."

     One of the contributors of the Ross Bible to the Museum, Eugene Bottoms, is a 1943 graduate of Southern Industrial Institute and has always been a generous supporter of the school and its Alumni Association. He resides in Crestline, California and visits the school often whenever visiting his brother, Tommy, who lives in Camp Hill.

Oldest Alumni Honored -
Ann Broughton Adams, Class of 1918 -

Ann Broughton Adams on her
100th Birthday. June 27, 2002

(Photo by Dorothy G. Moore '54)

     The oldest living graduate of the Southern Industrial Institute, Ann Broughton Clapp Adams, SII Class of 1918, celebrated her l00th birthday on June 27, 2002, at her home in Greensboro, North Carolina.

     At her birthday celebration, Mrs. Dorothy Moore, executive secretary of the SII/LWMA Alumni Association presented a resolution honoring her birthday. The resolution was given on behalf of the Alumni board of directors, officers, and membership.

     Mrs. Adams has always been a devoted supporter of the school. She lived most of her younger years as both a student and resident at the Southern Industrial Institute, which later became Lyman Ward Military Academy. She was a close friend of the Lyman Ward family as well as other families who lived in Camp Hill. "When Dr. Ward spoke, we jumped. There were no ifs, or buts about it," said Mrs. Adams. "He was a second father to me. I loved him that much. You always knew where you stood with him. He taught me that life was too short."

     Her son, who himself is 75 years old stated, "When my mother spoke, we jumped." Obviously, Mrs. Adams learned the power of speech from Dr. Ward!

Read more about Annie on this page A Student's View

Competitive Golfer at 84 Years -
Inez Cox Brock, Class of 1936 -

     "I was the first female golfer at Willow Point Country Club to have a hole-in-one!" At 52 years old, Mrs. Brock learned how to play golf. She took to golf like a duck to water. Her golfing career of 32 years has included competing in statewide competition.

     A nurse by training, she retired and began to make her family and golf her fulltime mission. "We loved SII. My brothers Vernon Cox '27 and Clifton Cox '33 graduated from SII. My son, Stan (Stanley Brock '62), and my sister, Virginia Cox, attended for five years."

     Although her arthritis is slowing her down, she plays nine holes every Wednesday morning at Magnolia Golf Club in Montgomery, AL. "I learned from SII and my mother that we are to use what we have and do not worry about what we do not have - accomplish something everyday."

The Radio and Television Station You Select
May Be Owned by One of Our Own -
Victor H. Rumore, Class of 1965 -

     In the years of 1963 to 1965, a young man attended Lyman Ward, after having been dismissed from high school in Birmingham. His two years made an impact on his life.

     While a student, he loved communications and he wanted to be a disc jockey. The school made arrangements and he was allowed to get his radio license while in school. This was only the beginning. He attended the University of Southern Mississippi and earned a degree in Radio and Television in 1969. Because of the experience he received at Lyman Ward, he worked for a commercial radio station as a "DJ" during his four years at Southern Mississippi.

     As opportunity would have it, he continued to pursue his dream. His growth in the industry led to Nashville, Tennessee. During the years, he moved into ownership. His portfolio has included ownership of more than 30 radio and television stations across the United States. Today, he owns the CBS affiliate in Springfield, MO, the ABC affiliate in Lubbock. TX, and the Fox affiliate in Billings, MT. He also owns the Falcon Press in Nashville, TN.

     He states, "Where can you go today and receive the support given at Lyman Ward? They will not let you fail. It is just the program I needed. The discipline just turned me around. They all wanted me to succeed. They made me want to be something. It taught me that you always continue to grow - do not rest on your laurels. Lyman Ward is my greatest achievement. Nothing has topped that!"

     To Mr. Victor H. Rumore, Class of 1965, we are indeed proud that we have played such an integral part of his life after Lyman Ward. Next time you turn the channel, you just may be viewing a station owned by one of our own!

James M. Locke, Class of 1972 -

"I never thought I could do it, but I did. Lyman Ward gave me confidence to go after what I wanted to do with my life and I am," stated James Locke '72. Mr. Locke earned his BS in economics from Auburn University in 1989 and later applied to Harvard Business School, where he graduated in 2001. Mr. Locke is President and CEO of Knova.Com in Montgomery, AL.

Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? -

     They say that blood is thicker than water. Perhaps the Johnson boys best demonstrate this to the letter. Robert Johnson graduated from Lyman Ward in 1978 after attending for four years. William Johnson attended Lyman Ward from 1974 to 1976.

     Robert Johnson received his BS degree in biology from Auburn University in 1982. William Johnson received his BS degree in chemical engineering from Auburn University in 1982.

     Robert Johnson earned his doctorate in Biochemistry from Cornell University in 1992. William Johnson earned his doctorate from the University of Maryland in Biochemistry in 1994.

     Robert Johnson completed his Post-Doctoral work at Harvard/MIT in 1995. William Johnson completed his Post-Doctoral work at Vanderbilt University in 1997.

     Robert and William Johnson live in Lafayette, New Jersey with their respective families. Robert and William are both employed with Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals. Robert is the Laboratory Director and Principal Scientist. William is a scientist and Director of Pathology.

     Robert, on his Lyman Ward experience stated, "I learned the value of relationships at Lyman Ward. You cannot walk alone. Independence is a wonderful thing." William is quoted as saying, "I was not easy to handle. I learned how to choose battles carefully. The structure was at the right time in my life. At times I did not like it, but needed it."

     They spoke to their closeness in their relationship as they discussed their lives and mutually agree on the important role Lyman Ward played in their respective futures.

     In the case of Johnson brothers, they have no desire to ask "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" They only have to look down the street or into one another's laboratory. We understand that they are giving one another test tubes for Christmas (a joke). Let us salute science and the Johnson brothers. We are better because of their lives and what they achieve with each passing day.

Letter From A (former) Cadet -
Hunter Smart, Class of 2000 -

     The following are excerpts from a letter received from former cadet 2LT Hunter Smart, Class of '00.

     In 1998, I was just beginning my junior year in high school. Everything was dropping; my grades, my attitude, and the respect I had for myself and for others. My parents made the decision to send me to Lyman Ward Military Academy to better myself. At first, I had no idea what I had just gotten into, but as days turned into months, I began to notice a change in myself, and I liked it. LWMA is a place that makes children into young men. I learned so much about respect, discipline, sacrifice, and loyalty, and I had a sense of pride about myself that I have never had before. I went from being a D and F student to becoming an A student on the President's List.

     After representing LWMA at Alabama Boys State, I set the goal to become second lieutenant in the United States Army. Upon graduation from LWMA, I earned an Army scholarship to attend Marion Military Institute and become a part of the Early Commissioning Program. I went on to attend ROTC Basic Camp at Ft. Knox, KY and returned to complete my freshman year at MMI. In the summer of 2001, I attended ROTC Basic Camp at Ft. Lewis, WA and was selected to attend US Army Airborne School. I returned to MMI with a set of wings on my chest and a goal almost in my grasp. I graduated the following year and was commissioned as a 2LT in the Army.

     I then attended Troy State University, where I became a 4.0 student and was inducted into the Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society. Currently, I am Platoon Leader in the 214th Military Police Company in Alexander City. I plan to graduate from Troy State in July 2003 and attend Infantry Officer Basic Course, after which I hope to conquer Ranger school. I would like to thank the faculty of LWMA for helping me reach my vision and become the confident, self-directed young man I am today.

Alumni Association Secretary to Retire -
Mrs. Dorothy Gabbett Moore, Class of 1954 -

     Mrs. Dorothy Gabbett Moore, a graduate of Lyman Ward School, Class of 1954, who has served in recent years as executive director of the Southern Industrial Institute/Lyman Ward Military Academy Alumni Association, has announced that she will be retiring at the end of December 2002. In addition to her role with the Alumni Association, which began in 1994, she has also been the director of the SII/L WMA Museum.

     She was instrumental in indexing and cataloging the collection of items and artifacts that make up the School Museum both before and after the movement of the Museum into the new Alumni Center at the eastern entrance of the Academy. Prior to her role with the Alumni Association and museum, Mrs. Moore sponsored the Sentinel, published by students at Lyman Ward, for four years.

     After finishing at Lyman Ward School, Mrs. Moore graduated from Jacksonville State University in 1959 and taught at Camp Hill High School. She operated a private kindergarten in Camp Hill and later substituted at the high school.

     She served on the faculty at Tallapoosa Academy in Dadeville from 1970 to 1982.

     After retirement, Mrs. Moore plans to travel with her husband, Olice, enjoy their grandchildren, work on her family genealogy, and maintain a home in Camp Hill.

     If you would like to make a donation to the Alumni Association in honor of Dorothy Moore on her retirement for her many years of faithful service to the Alumni Association and to Lyman Ward Military Academy, please mail your check, made payable to Lyman Ward Military Academy Alumni Association, to P.O. Drawer 550, Camp Hill, AL, 36850.

DeLene Cawley Joins Alumni Association -

     Lyman Ward Alumni Association is proud to announce the addition of Mrs. DeLene Cawley to the staff. Mrs. Cawley will be replacing Mrs. Dorothy Moore, who is retiring in December, as the L WMA Alumni Association Executive Secretary. In addition, she will be managing the SII/LWMA Museum.

     Mrs. Cawley is no stranger to LWMA. Her husband, Sam "Doc" Cawley, retired from the position of Medical Officer in November 2000. Mrs. Cawley served as organist for chapel services and special occasions during her husband's tenure at the Academy.

     Mr. and Mrs. Cawley have two children. Their son, Terry, is a 1978 graduate of LWMA and their daughter, Tracy Guy, also attended the Academy. In addition, Tracy's husband, Richard Guy, is also an LWMA alumnus (of the class of 1978). In fact, Tracy and Richard's wedding was the first to be held in the Dixon All Faith Chapel (on June 15, 1985).

     When ask about her return to LWMA, Mrs. Cawley stated, "I am looking forward to seeing many familiar faces."

Alumni Association Annual Memberships Due -

     Membership dues for the year 2003 are $25.00. You do not have to be a graduate to become a member. We encourage anyone associated with LWMA or SII to join. Membership dues checks should be made payable to LWMA Alumni Association and mailed to LWMA Alumni Association, P.O. Drawer 550, Camp Hill, AL 36850.

     You may use the same check to make donations to other alumni projects. Remember, all donations can be tax deductible. Please, use the following form when submitting your dues and donations.

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