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LWMA Sentinel

The name "Sentinel" was suggested by Cadet Moi Harris for the first issue in 1962.

December, 2003

Seasons Greetings from the President

Dr. Chester Carroll
Dr. Chester Carroll
President, LWMA

       The season of giving and sharing with others has arrived, and with it the time to enjoy our friends and the special relationships in our lives. This year I am especially cognizant of the new and very special relationships that I have found since my arrival here July 1st to serve as your President. These relationships, plus the support and cooperation you have shown, have been gifts to me as well as to LWMA at a particularly crucial time. To faculty, alumni, our military leadership and all employees of Lyman Ward Military Academy, Edna and I wish for you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The extra effort, time and contributions put forth by all of us will certainly pay dividends for a bright and successful future here at LWMA. Your President and Board of Trustees express sincere gratitude to you for recognizing the need for an extra measure of effort and cooperation during this year of transition and new beginnings.

      Christmas is a perfect time to reflect on this year's accomplishments, and to look forward to the new and exciting year that is about to begin. With the support and cooperation of each of you, we are meeting challenges and solving problems that will allow us to better focus on the mission of helping our students gain the skills, education, and confidence they need to reach their goals in life. I want to express my sincere appreciation for the effort and spirit of cooperation each of you has shown.

      By working together as a team, we can accomplish great things for our school. This "family work environment" has been especially rewarding and enjoyable for me as your President. Thank you for meeting the challenges, and going the extra mile to help us gain the recognition of being the finest military academy we can be. Our harmonious efforts will help ensure the security of LWMA for many generations to come.

      As we close the 2003 school year and look forward to working together in 2004, Edna and I want to wish each of you an enjoyable and relaxing time off, and a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Senator Ted Little, left, recently presented
a check to Dr. Carroll for the school

Email from LTC Barry L. Stuckey '78


      I am on R&R at Qatar and have a little time scanning the Internet and I thought I would see if you had an email address. Found the LWMA website, then the Alumni, and walla, here I am. I have been in the Middle East since 1 March, and in Baghdad on and off since that time, but have remained here since July. I do not know what the news is telling everyone, but we are making a difference, and the Iraqi people are happy that we came. There is still lots of work to do, because you can still see the effects that the Baath's left upon these people and their country's infrastructure.

      Enough about where the 5th century meets the 3rd world. I guess another year at LWMA is gearing up. I hope the school is doing well. Most of my fondest childhood memories were made at that institution. It's hard to believe that I have been in the Army for over 23 years now. For as much as I do not communicate regularly, you have always been my favorite teacher, and my love of history blossomed through you. I know in those early years you took a lot of stuff from us students, but you hung in there and taught us despite our refusal to pay attention. To this day, I look for a teacher that still believes in essay tests for my own kids because that's what colleges expect, and your classes prepared me for that standard. I know it has been 25 years since I graduated, but thanks for being my teacher, mentor and of course war gaming partner. Have a great year and tell everyone that knew me, Hi and God Bless.

LTC Barry L. Stuckey '78
(former student of Dee Orem)

The Sentinel is published by Lyman Ward Military Academy
- Jill Burke (Editor)
- Jeff Damron (Editorial Assitant)


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