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Jan 25, 2004 - Jan 27, 2004
More than one news flash - Latest news on the bottom.

Former President COL Wesley P. Smith
has Heart Surgery

Delene Cawley in the Alumni Center sent me this note today (1/23/03):
Subject:Col. Smith
Date: 1/23/04 12:04PM
From: "DeLene Cawley" <>

Didn't know if you were aware that Col. Smith has been in the hospital. He had heart surgery this morning. Five by-passes. Everything went well. He's in EAMC, Opelika.

I asked DeLene for the full name and address of the hospital in case anyone wants to send Wesley flowers.

I will post the address as soon as I get it.

Brian V. Brunner(LWMA'64)


EAMC stands for: East Alabama Medical Center (Opelika).
COL Smith is in room 2132. (As of 1/26/04)

Here's the address from their website:

East Alabama Medical Center
2000 Pepperell Pkwy.
Opelika, AL 36801
Phone: 334-749-3411

I don't know how long COL Smith will be in the hospital.

That's all for now.

Here's the latest as of 1/26/04:

Col. Smith is in East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, 2000 Pepperell Pkwy. 36801. His room number is 2132. Dorothy had talked to Peggy and they expect to let him come home the middle of the week. His home address is:
P.O. Box 339
Camp Hill, AL 36850.


At this time, Tusesday night at 11:53PM 1/27/04, I guess the best place to send a get well card is the PO Box in Camp Hill.
Brian V. Brunner(LWMA'64)


This just in from Elisabeth (Prophitt) Christian-Luers '45 in Opelika:

I spoke with Peggy around noon today. At that time they were waiting for the wheelchair to come for Wesley. She said he was doing real well and anxious to get home. He is up and about but limited. She sounded very up-beat.

With Best Ragards, Elisabeth

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