Lyman Ward event brings alumni, parents

By Stephanie Rebman
Outlook Staff Writer

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At attention: Lyman Ward Military Academy
held its annual military and president's day
Saturday. Hundreds of parents and alumni
came out for the event, which included an open house,
alumni meeting, sword drill, parade and dance.

(In photo - Cadet Nick Petrov**)

(Photo by Stephanie Redman / The Outlook)

     Lyman Ward Military Academy held their annual president's and military day Saturday, which is their largest event of the school year.

     The event brought in family members of cadets and alumni from all over the country, and Dr. Chester Carroll, the academy's president, said it was a good turnout.

     "We had people from California to New York here," he said. "We represent about 25 states and some foreign countries. The weather cooperated, and we held a parade, an alumni meeting and everything went extremely well."

     Sgt. Maj. Robert Frayer and Sgt. Lee Kolb organized the event, which was complete with receptions, drill practices, a parade, an alumni meeting, the school's famous sword drill and a dance for cadets.

     Tanya and Jeff Tochner attended the military day to spend time with their son and watch the day's events, including the parade. Tanya said she enjoyed the day because she got to see the dorms and the school, and Jeff said the military day presented a great opportunity for him to meet some of his son's teachers.

     Military day also brought out alumni from all over the country. Brian Brunner from the class of 1964 said Saturday's military day was also his 40-year reunion and he was able to meet up with fellow classmates.

     "I have been coming to the military day since 1984, and since 1997, I've been helping with the alumni website," Brunner said. "I'm very impressed with how far the school has come since the 1960s. The school has made great strides with the number of cadets and the buildings are maintained well. We had 120 cadets in the 1960s and today they have a little over 150."

     Brunner said military and president's day is rewarding for everyone involved, whether it is a cadet and parent who haven't seen each other in months or an alum who hasn't been back to the campus in several years.

     "It's always rewarding to see because when a lot of us came here we didn't really want to be here, but it grew on us," he said. "We are like brothers and one big family because we had to grow up together and get along 24 hours a day and do drills like these to be proud of ourselves."

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Stephanie Rebman, reporter for the Alexander City Outlook.

The LWMA Alumni website would like to thank Stephanie Rebman for the permission, the text, and for sending us her photographs of the May 1, 2004 military day events that have been used here and at the LWMA school website - www.lwma.org.

** NOTE 2/13/05: Until now this page had identified the cadet in the picture above as Trevor Edwards instead of Nick Petrov. We apologize to Trevor and Nick for this mistake.

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