Cadet Cody Carlson
Competed in Poetry Symposium

     Cadet Cody Carlson, a freshman who has attended Lyman Ward for the past three years, recently competed in the International Society of Poets Spring Symposium at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.

     His entry "Poem of the Forgotten," was selected for competition and a chance to win a variety of prizes including a grand prize of $20,000 in cash. Cadet Carlson said, "This is for all the people in war who died and were forgotten like sand slipping through our fingers."

Cody Carlson
Cody Carlson
(2004 photograph)

Poem of the Forgotten

by Cody Carlson, Class of 2008

He looks upon the battlefield army hat upon his head
He looks around and all he sees are people laying dead
Young ones, old ones, black, white, middle aged ones too
Tall ones, short ones, men and women, people just like me and you
His first instinct is that of fear and for him to turn and run
He then remembered his fellow Americans
and loaded and cocked his gun
He charged heroically into battle firing at his will
Dodging bullets left and right but kept on going still
He fires upon his enemy as they charge upon him fast
He shoots his every bullet as though it was his last
Alas, he's fully ambushed and shot twice in the chest
With his final breath he says "Tell mom I did my best"
People like these that aren't recognized as the heroes after all
Who stood and died just to make sure we would never fall
This message is to let you know to be all you can be
Because that dying soldier could be you or it could be me.

4/30/2005: Story, Poem, and Photograph -
from The LWMA school website -

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