May 16, 2008


Board of Trustees

Lyman Ward Military Academy

174 Ward Circle

Camp Hill, AL  36850



I am writing to you as the President of the Alumni Association of LWMA and SII.


Our newly elected association officers are:


Carey Treadwell           President

Harold Grant                Vice President

David Chambless          Secretary (returning)

Nick Myers                  Treasurer (returning)


The association has dissolved the Board Committee via resignation and is now more quickly adaptable operating under a one layered officer slate.


Let me begin by saying that we, the association, completely support the efforts of the
Board of Trustees to continue rebuilding the Academy.  We are also in steadfast support of Col. Jenrette’s
march to bringenrollment back to a sustainable and viable level.  This is the end of a very
turbulent time where the school almost slipped away forever.  It is a very beautiful thing that the administration,
the board, the alumni association and the parent support group are all on the same page.


We have and will continue as a center, and as individual alumni, to directly support the Academy
financially.  Just last week we contributed a check for $ 3,027.00.  This can be attributed to the raffle ticket income
generated by the wonderful donation of a Tag Heuer watch by Nick Myers and a
hand made guitar from David Chambless.


Our fond thanks to Mrs. Edwards for her attendance on Military Day on her deceased husband’s behalf.
  Dave Edward’s was as fine a man as LWMA/SII ever graduated.  He and I had a few conversations when things
looked bleak and he would be proud of the turn a round today.  We will miss his honorable service.


My first act as President was to elevate Amanda Kelly from the Center’s Secretary to its Executive Director.
This was done in part because the excellent work she has done to date is more accurately characterized and
empowered by this elevation in title; but also as a humble gesture of our respect for her dedication.


Shortly we will be issuing a proclamation to honor Major Paul Tate for his years of service to the Association.
We can thank Paul and all the other officers which have served to date for the foundational work they have done to get us this far along.


We will continue to fund the Dr. Lyman Ward scholarship.  We are also taking steps to earmark a new
scholarship in the name of Col. Smith.  Col. Smith will always have my ear and we are in agreement that while we have some very positive
momentum and are seeking to bring about great change, we must do so carefully, as in all things, we may only get one chance.  We respect and
will always consider his seasoned input.  This Col. Smith fund has already received an anonymous initial contribution of $250.


I have contacted Rob Post ’84 and asked him to chair a Membership Development Committee. He has accepted.
  His model for alumni class representatives is a Battalion model.  The association officers are like the
Battalion staff; the companies are represented by decade e.g. 80’s company, etc.  This will serve us well for organized communication
and maintaining regular contact.  Rob is extremely motivated.


The Alumni Association is seeking its own Federal Tax ID # as a Non Profit entity.  This will afford us greater
flexibility in accepting donations to the center. It will also allow the Academy to move forward in
deeding the land upon which the center sits to the association.


One of my goals is to see that the alumni base become more actively involved in recruiting efforts and otherwise more
visible to continue rebuilding the LWMA brand.  As a 4 year student from the Class of ’87,finishing as Battalion S-3, I have seen the school
at its peak with 200+ enrollments.  I have lived in every dormitory left standing on campus and can appreciate the lengths required to bring our glory days back.


Another goal is to have the alumni base more active on campus in terms of representation at Homecoming and Military Day.  This will be
a key objective for us as an association.  We want to make alumni feel verywelcome, that they don’t always need to reach for their wallets and show them
first hand how the school is turning around.  Their positive word of mouth indicating the school is still open and turning around may be the single
greatest tool to increase enrollment.


Last summer we held the first alumni muster.  It was fund and successful.  We intend to do the same again this summer.  We have taken
some steps in terms of software, etc. to afford us better and easier communication with alumni.  More changes are coming on that front.  Also, we
will be revamping the website. Same content but a more streamlined look and feel, similar to what the academy has done this year.


We will also be issuing a proclamation thanking Phil Potts and Brian Brunner for all their years of truly free service to maintain the
site.  Not a dime of association money has gone into the website to date. This will change as Phil and Brian deserve some outside support.


Specifically I would also like to see an alumni sponsored dinner for graduating seniors, an alumni sponsored speaker series for all cadets
held several times annually in the Smith auditorium, a senior trip (bus to a day point) and lastly a once a year campus history night with an interesting
slide show followed by a reception/tour for all cadets at the center.  This might be held the day before Homecoming.


You can also expect to see a quarterly newsletter which will include a historical archive article, featured alumni, births, deaths,
weddings, career changes, regional alumni meeting updates, etc.  We will also include a financial statement for the review of all alumni.
Of course we will continue to seek donations; however, I submit you will see more positive news as well.  We must, as a team, all agree
that while we are not out of the clear quite yet, ensure that our message is a positive one


The enrolled student body needs to get a better sense of therich history of our school.  This will benefit all the way
around as anythingwhich generates further attachment and sense of connection will lead to greater future commitment on the part of alumni.


Personally I am pledged to make multiple trips to visit with donors to raise money for the continued advancement of both
the association and the academy.


If there is anything this association can do to support the aims of Col. Jenrette or the Board, please do not hesitate to call upon us.




Carey A. (Reynolds) Treadwell ‘87


Alumni Association




Cc: Alumni Association