Alabama Autumn

By Joe Watson
LWMA Band Director

Autumn in ol' Dixie,
the warm sky glows so rare
A hint of winters cleansing breath
brings a Chill to the evening air.

Leaves dipped in crimson,
crunchy orange, and rusty gold,
usher in hopeful football seasons
and ghost stories so often told

A perfect time for snuggling,
campfires, and mountain trips,
the whispers of deer season
from each eager hunters lips.

Bountiful meals, slow hay rides,
and naughty pumpkin pranks.
each fall we're all reminded
why we owe a debt of thanks.

Auburn and 'Bama folks,
anticipate the game;
opinions beg to differ
but proud traditions stay the same.

Memories of school homecomings
fondly haunt our youthful past,
man did we have fun back when
and then we changed so fast.

As nature's pace politely slows
Amidst our selfish rush,
Alabama skies seem to breathe out slow,
throw a farewell kiss, and blush.

First published in the LWMA Sentinel Vol. 42, No. 2, dated October 2000.

Lake Mary 1999

Lake Mary - L.W.M.A. Campus
October 1999
Photo by Brian V. Brunner('64)

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