The SII and LWMA Alma Mater

Paul Strobel('43)
Phillp M. Potts('63)
Paul Tate, LWMA Faculty, 1965 - 1983


        I sometimes wonder, what with everything changing and changing so rapidly, what LWMA's Alma Mater is. Could it possibly be the same as SII's? If not, I wonder if SII's is still remembered. I'm sure Dorothy Moore would know, but just in case there is an interest, below is SII's Alma Mater. It was written by my all-time favorite teacher who had (and still does have) enormous influence in many of our lives. She was my English teacher. A little old, grey-haired lady with silver rimmed spectacles who wore her hair in a bun. She had an iron will, an indomitable spirit, and a wonderful sense of humor. Her name was Seraph G. Blaisdell.


Nestled deep amid the Pine trees,
'Neath the skies so blue,
Stands our noble Alma Mater,
Dear to us the view.

Lift the chorus, speed it onward
Sound it through the  vale,
Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater
Lyman Ward, all hail.

Dear old School, listen Mother,
To our songs of love,
To our vows and to each other,
Faithful friends we'll prove.

Lift the chorus, speed it onward,
Sound it through the vale;
Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater,
Lyman Ward, all hail.

Pine Trees Along Lake Mary (10/1998)
Pine Trees Along Lake Mary

Paul Strobel('43)
The Southern Industrial Institute. Inc., 1941 - 1943


"Lift the chorus, speed it onward,"
"Sound it through the vale;"
"Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater,"
"Lyman Ward, all hail."

I was just re-reading in the centennial book this morning and thinking the same thing. The above seems to stick in my mind. I think it is the same. In the Centennial book of course the chorus reads,

"Hail to Thee our Alma Mater,"
"Southern, hail, all hail".

We received "words" during my years, but the history of the school at that time was not emphasized.

Skies So Blue and HQ Sign (1/1998)
Skies So Blue

Phillip Potts ('63)
Lyman Ward Military Academy. 1958 - 1963


        In the early part of my tenure at Lyman Ward, graduation exercises were always held on the parade field. Later, because of the unpredictability of intense spring rains, the exercises were moved inside and I was charged with the responsibility of "directing" the exercises. At that point in time, about 1971 through my last year there in 1983, each graduation class would lead other guests in the singing of the Alma Mater. And the words were the same as Saraph Blaisdell had written many years earlier. When the new chapel opened and the graduation exercises were moved there, the cadet still sang the school song. Plus, since the lyrics were included in the Cadet Code, all cadets had to have memorized the words before the Homecoming game. The tune was played by the band and the cadets would sing the lyrics. Actually, the tune is exactly the same tune of my own alma mater in Greenville, Alabama, where I graduated from high school. It is a grand tune with wonderful lyrics for LWMA.

Paul Tate, LWMA Faculty, 1965 - 1983

Tallapoosa Hall in the Trees 5/1/1992
Tallapoosa Hall in the Trees

Compiled from notes on the Message Board by Brian V. Brunner('64)
"Tallapoosa Hall in the Trees"(May 1992),
"Skies So Blue"(Jan. 1998)
and "Pine Trees Along Lake Mary"(Oct. 1998)
photographs were taken by me.

Tallapoosa Hall background created in 1997 by Phillip M. Potts('63)

*From "Their Country's Pride"
The Centennial History of L. W. M. A.
by Jerri Beck
Page 58
Copyright 1997 - LWMA Board of Trustees
Camp Hill, Alabama

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