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From the LWMA Alumni Association, we hope your holidays were a joyful time and many wishes for the New Year to you.

We have enjoyed the past few months in the new Alumni/Museum Center built by the alumni. This building has been a dream come true and it is your building. There are many items needed for it such as a better way to display items, but that will come in the future. We are always looking for items to be placed in the museum so look around and see what you have.

Don't forget that our annual meeting and social will be on May 4,2002. At that time, we will also have a dedication of our new building. Put this on your calendar now.

Be sure to send us your news and don't forget your dues if they have not been paid for 2002.

===== NEWS NOTES =====

- 1940s -

Irby Hartley, class of 1944, recently contacted us and plans to come next May to see everyone. He lives in Hixson, TN.

Ed Snow, class of 1948, recently contacted the office. He has lived in Huntsville, AL since 1953. We hope to see him in May.

- 1950s -

James Welden, class of 1955, is a 3rd year medical student with USA College of Medicine in Mobile, AL. He is pursuing a residency spot in Interventional Radiology.

- 1960s -

Frank Richmond, class of 1965, is Chief Warrant Officer in Birmingham, AL.

Richard Gray, class of 1969, is Supervisor of the Recreation Pistol Range for the U.S. Marines at Miramar. CA. He holds 8 instructor ratings from the N.R.A. and teaches fire arms saftey to the U. S. Mariens and Naval Sea cadets. He states this came about from being on the Rifle Team at LWMA where he was Captain.

- 1970s -

Floyd Warren, class of 1970, recently contacted us about the Silver Rifles Drill Team, which he was a member of when a student here. He now lives in Vincent, AL.

Thomas Neill, class of 1971, lives in Falkville, AL. He is interested in contacting former students and staff who were here when he was.

David Sullivan, class of 1972, recently stopped by the new office for a visit. He lives in Birmingham, AL. It was good to see him. He also attended a home football game.

Walter von Bosau, class of 1975, is film librarian for Boston University in Brighton, MA.

Hassan Motamed, class of 1979, is President of 280 Computers in Birmingham, AL

William Haralson attended LWMA in the late 1970's and early 1980's. He is interested in hearing from old classmates also.

James O'Hara attended LWMA from 1976-1980. He lives in Cantonment, FL, and wants to stay in touch with the school and classmates.

- 1980s -

Rogelio Guzman, attended LWMA in 1980 and would like to stay in contact with the school and anyone who knows him. Contact the office for information.

James Suter, class of 1980, is with the SC Highway Patrol. He lives in Rock, Hill, SC.

Emanuel Sacks attended LWMA in 1982-1983. He is now owner of The Gift Sack in Fairfax, VA.

Ronald Winfield attended LWMA in 1982-1984. He is Finance Director with Budget Car and Truck Sales in Montgomery, AL.

William (Chris) Gwin, class of 1986, lives in Jacksonville, FL, with his wife and three children. He met his wife while stationed in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm/Farewell.

Samuel (Tripp) Rion, class of 1988, is Government Acct. Manager with ATT Wireless in Chicago, IL.

- 1990s -

Rafael Rion, attended LWMA in 1991-1992. He wants to contact anyone who remembers him.

Jason Louis, class of 1992, now lives in Mobile, AL. We hope he can come visit us soon.

Matt Russell, class of 1994, is Narcotics Investigator in La Grange, GA.

Mostapha Howaidy, class of 1995, lives in Cairo, Egypt. He is also interested in contacting anyone from his class. We have his email address on file.

Mike Litherland, class of 1995, is a Restaurant Manager in Houston, TX. He is married and has one son. He says he often thinks of his time spent here.

David Gunnels, class of 1998, will graduate from college in May with his Associates in Computer Science. He plans to marry Paula Dykman on May 11,2002.

Travis Rogillio, class of 1998, recently married and was promoted to Sgt.in the 82nd Airborne Division. He will go to Italy next October for three years.

Nathan Minkiewicz, class of 1999, lives in Hillsboro, OR, and works with INTEL making Pentium chips.

- Former Faculty & Staff -

Sam "Doc" Cawley is enjoying retirement on Lake Martin. He finds many things to keep him busy.

Dave Keown, former teacher at LWMA, dropped by the office this fall for a visit. He lives in San Francisco, CA now.

Underlined names have E-mail addresses.

===== TAPS =====
bugle - TAPS

- 1950s -

Carolyn Caffee Egan-Smith, class of 1954, died March 31,2001. She lived in Cincinnati, OH with services and burial in Birmingham, AL.

- 1960s -

E. J. Ostberg, class of 1961, died November 22,2001. He lived in Cullman, AL and was a faithful member of the alumni association.

- Staff -

Becky Randolph, Secretary to the Commandant at LWMA, died November 10,2001. She will be greatly missed at LWMA. She had been at LWMA for fifteen years.

See the TAPS Page for other death notices.

Keep in touch with the Alumni Office with your news and change of addresses. We would love to hear from all of you.

Mrs. Dorothy Moore
LWMA Alumni Association
P. O. Drawer 550
Camp Hill, Alabama 36850-0550

Phone: 256-896-2715
Fax: 256-869-2864
E-mail: admin@lwalumni.org

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Compiled and edited by Mrs. Dorothy Moore('54)
and posted by Brian V. Brunner('64)