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Fall brought many changes for the LWMA Alumni Association. The new Alumni/Museum Center was completed and we have moved in. We are so proud to be in our own beautiful building. It is an asset to the campus and is frequently visited by people passing by, the students and staff. The location is ideal because it is the first building to be seen when you come through the entrance with the LWMA sign. There are several more projects to undertake before it is completed but at least we have made a tremendous beginning. Everyone is proud of it and rightfully so. This is your building so make sure you visit it soon.

Alumni Center

Alumni Center and Museum - Sept 29, 2001

The annual meeting held on May 5, 2001, was a success in many ways. The building was one of the main issues and now that is accomplished, we are moving on towards other goals. During the meeting, it was voted to raise the alumni dues to $25.00 starting January,2002, when the dues for the year start. If you would like to go ahead and pay your dues now for next year, please feel free to do so. When you are writing a check, make sure you make it out to LWMA Alumni Association and not the school.

The Alumni Scholarship Fund, awards one scholarship, for $1,500 a year to a deserving cadet. The money comes from donations and interest on a Certificate of Deposit that is very low now. Please remember to make a tax- free donation so the scholarship can continue. Also, remember friends, family and classmates with memorial donations to this fund.

Some people have asked about The Sentinel and why they are not getting it. The reason is that it is no longer published. There is a small paper the boys put out but their sponsor told me that the material in it would not be of interest to the alumni. If you feel that The Sentinel should still be published and would like to say so, write a letter to the Alumni Office and I will give it to the proper authority. Some of you have stated you would like to do this.

Our alumni list and email list continues to grow, for which we are thankful. Please remember to keep us updated on your new address when it is changed. If you know of someone who attended or graduated, let us know their name and address; we may not have it. If you know what town or state they live in but not their address, we can still locate them if you let us know. This is the only way we have of finding people. It is always exciting to find people and see what they have been doing after leaving school here.

Don't forget dues will be $25.00 for next year.

Keep in touch with the Alumni Office with your news and change of addresses. We would love to hear from all of you.

Mrs. Dorothy Moore
LWMA Alumni Association
P. O. Drawer 550
Camp Hill, Alabama 36850-0550

Telephone: 256-896-2715
Telephone and Fax: 256-869-2864
E-mail: lwalumni@WebShoppe.net
Website: http://www.lwalumni.org

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Compiled and edited by Mrs. Dorothy Moore('54)
and posted by Brian V. Brunner('64)

Alumni Center

Dorothy Moore in the new
Alumni Center and Museum
Sept 29, 2001

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