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===== ALUMNI NEWS =====

The Alumni Association has been very busy this summer with many projects. The association is reorganizing for the betterment of the group. A Steering Committee has been formed which consist of the past three Presidents and the current four officers. They are as follows: Jim Nipper, Chairman of the Steering Committee, Roscoe Prater, Bill Thomason, Tim Parker, President of the Alumni Association, T.A. Moore, Phil Potts and George Blankenship. This committee will make the major decisions on the association and bring forth items to the membership at the annual meeting. They have been working hard and need all the help they can get from the members.

Homecoming was October 27 & 28. It was good to see the ones who returned for the game and festivities at the school the next day.

Tim Parker has put together a Recruiting Committee to help locate lost graduates, former students, former teachers and friends for the Alumni Association. This group consists of Richard Hahn, Frank Wilson, Betty Hildreth, Ray Blackburn and Charles Sizemore. They will report their findings and work closely with Dorothy Moore in the office and with Tim Parker, President. One of the biggest problems has been keeping up with current mailing addresses. We can not send information to anyone without their address. Many of these are returned every time there is a mail out. Help this committee and the office with any information on yourself and your friends.

Dues for 2001 are coming up in January. A notice will be mailed to you at that time. It will look different so please take the time to fill out the information on it and return it to the office. Also at that time, a newsletter will be mailed out with information about alumni that has been mailed in, deaths and other news. If you have any news, please send it to the Alumni Office, P.O. Box 550, Camp Hill, AL 36850. You may also call the office in the morning at 256-896-2715 or 256-896-2864. Also you may email us at lwalumni@webshope.net.

Check out our Website at www.lwalumni.org. Phil Potts and Brian Brunner do a fantastic job on it. Their work is greatly appreciated by everyone who keeps up with the school.

Keep in touch with the Alumni Office with your news and change of addresses. We would love to hear from all of you.

Mrs. Dorothy Moore
LWMA Alumni Association
P. O. Drawer 550
Camp Hill, Alabama 36850-0550

Phone: 256-896-2864 or 256-896-2715
Fax: 256-869-2864
E-mail: lwalumni@WebShoppe.net

Compiled and edited by Mrs. Dorothy Moore('54)
and posted by Brian V. Brunner('64)