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Jonas Anthony
Feeley ('05)


A note from Jonas :

I am currently in the United States Army serving as a Intelligence Analyst and getting ready to deploy to Iraq this September('07). I am happily married to my wife Emily who as well is serving in the armed forces as a Intelligence Analyst. She will be getting out of the Military this Nov. and will continue onto getting her bachelors degree in Buissness Administration, and will be leading in the fight at the homefront while I am deployed. I would like to thank everyone at the Academy that has helped me develope into the person that I am today.

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Jeffery Shane Hatcher('01)

Jeffery said:

I am currently in Iraq and will return home in September after a long 15 month deployment. I am currently working on my Masters of Public Administration and intend to graduate spring 2009. I am stationed at Fort Bragg, NC with the 82nd Airborne Division.

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Tony McCarty   large product photo
Dear COL Jenrette, Maj. and Amanda Kelly, and all those at LWMA:

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and eventful Memorial Day.  We had a special ceremony here at the camp, enclosed are a couple of photos. There have been 4,546 military deaths since 2003. Placards were posted at the ceremony of all those who have died as well as 4,546 flags and flowers. I found two friends from my Officer school on the wall: 1LT Ashley Henderson and 2LT Matthew Coutu, both just 23 years old, and both full of life and dedication to their country. During the ceremony we were reminded that in WWII, over 10% of all Americans were in uniform. Today, only 0.6% of Americans serve, which means never have so few protected so many in our nation's history.

I want everyone to know that on this day I'm both proud and humbled for the opportunity to serve our country, especially in light of all those who did not make it home--like Ashley and Matt--so that the rest of us can freely choose how to live our lives. I know many of you have friends and loved ones in the military as well and I want to thank you for supporting their service. And I also look forward to coming home in about six months. :-)

Speaking of "so few serving so many," I am also truly proud of how COL J, et. al, have turned around LWMA in such a short time. Thank you all so much for your service to our school!

I will try to have a web photo gallery set up soon to share more photos from Kuwait (we're having serious internet issues here). Until then I hope everyone has a great time of relaxation and reflection this Memorial Day weekend. And congratulations on a fantastic year at LWMA.

Take care,

CPT Antony E. (Tony) McCarty
Base Defense Team Leader
Camp Buehring, Kuwait




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Kirby Wasson   large product photo

Lyman Ward,

My name is Peggy Pelletier, mother of Kirby Wasson. I thought that yall migh enjoy know what one of your students is doing.

The picture below is of Kirby with an Iraqi child. His unit had just finished searching the house for insurgents.

Spc. Kirby Duke Wasson of the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, U.S. Army

Stationed outside of Baghdad, Iraq

He is trained for driving Strykers but his was blown up again. He is currently a Dismount on a Stryker crew. They go into houses and other buildings clearing out Insurgents. He's been blown in to walls and stuff like that many times already and has only been there for two months. But looking at the picture that the AFN (Armed Forces Network), Combat Camera posted on the Internet  re-enforces my belief that we, the U.S. Military, are needed there in Iraq. Being his parents and military veterans we are very proud of Kirby.

Have a good day.

Peggy Pelletier

ps: I saw and advertisment for Lyman Ward during the ball game. It looked good.