Alumni Meeting 1999

Each Alumni Meeting is a reunion. Below is a list of attendees
and information about the May 1,1999 meeting.

(To see the minutes of the meeting and some photographs from the meeting,
see the Sentinel Alumni News - May, 1999.)

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     The following is a list of Alumni, Faculty, and Staff that came to 1999 Alumni Meeting and / or the Social afterward on 5/1/1999.

     If you see a mistake in your name or if you know of someone who was there, but is not on this page, send the information to my E-mail address: (Brian V. Brunner('64))

     Right now 6/14/1999 this list is still incomplete. Please, let us know those we missed.

NOTE: This list now has the log information from the sign in books at the school. Mrs. Moore said, that she knows not everyone signed in. If you there and not on this list please, send me that info.

     I must say "Thank You" to Mrs. Dorothy Moore('54), Col Wesley Smith('47) and everyone who came and everyone who helped with the Alumni Meeting and Social. Without all of you there would have been no meeting or social! I especially thank Dorothy Moore for sending a list of all those who attended. I also want to thank others who assisted with input, help, and corrections with names of individuals that I did not know: Jerri Beck for her L.W.M.A. History book with the index of graduates and lists by years; Robert Simmons, Jr. for the official web site with the current faculty & staff and E-mail; Ken Balch('80) for E-mail; George Blankenship('69) for E-mail; Paul Tate for E-mail: Phil Potts('63) for starting this page; and Phil's wife Ann who took the picture at the end of this page.

*The L.W.M.A. Alumni Association Officers for the 1999-2000 school year are as follows:

NOTE: The class of 1954 their forty fifth year class reunion.
Seven classmates out of a class of thirteen returned for this reunion!
A great turnout and a great time was had by all.

The overall turnout was greater than expected as last year was the "Centennial Celebration".

We want to have a large turnout for the big "YEAR 2000 Celebration" next May. Please, try to join us then!

"When asked to expound upon their exploits during their time at LWMA,
the following was the reaction from Brian Brunner('64), Phil Potts('63), and Richard Brunner('60)".


This was suppose to be "See NO Evil, Hear NO Evil, Speak NO Evil.",
but it did not quite work out.
This is equivalent to what Sgt. Schultz on "Hogan's Heros" would have said,
"I Know NO-TH-ING!!"

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