What Did the Centennial Celebration Mean?

Phil Potts('63) said,"I could not say it any better than this."

Dear Friends,

Once again LWMA has carved another notch in my heart and soul. It does not cease to amaze me, how attached we have all grown to be to LWMA. This is true, even after so many years. I feel that we not only remember, but we revived and lived those great memories as if they just happened yesterday.I would like to express my appreciation to those who made this celebration possible and I hope that these reunions continue for years to come.

Renán López de Azúa
Class of 1970 "renan@rlda.com"

Those Who Attended May 2 1998!

The following is a list of Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Friends who came to Centennial Alumni Meeting and/or the Social afterward on 5/2/98.

6/4/98 NOTE: This list now has the log information from the sign in books at the school. Mrs. Moore said, that she knows not everyone signed in. If you there and not on this list please, send me that info. The signatures from the sign in books appears in parentheses().

6/15/98: I must say "Thank You" to everyone who came and everyone who helped with the Centennial Celebration. Without all of you there would have been no celebration! I especially thank Dorothy Moore for continually sending updated lists of those who had registered to attend and then followed up with lists of all those who actually did attend. I also want to thank others who assisted with input, help, and corrections with names of individuals that I did not know: Thank you to James Sizemore('76) who published one of the first lists of graduates in 1988 (I still use the copy he sent to me.); Jerri Beck for her L.W.M.A. History book with the index of graduates and lists by years; Robert Simmons, Jr. for the official web site with the current faculty & staff and E-mail; Bill Roughton('72) for E-mail; Rick Hahn('59) for E-mail; LaWanna Morgan Nowell('82) for E-mail; Earl Langley, Jr. for E-mail; Paul Tate for E-mail; and Diana Howell Hunter for E-mail.

If you need ordering information for the Centennial History book, visit: Book Information
For Centennial memorabilia Information, visit: Centennial Memorabilia
If you need lodging information for future trips to the Camp Hill, AL area, visit: Lodging Information

Alumni names are in class/attended year sequence. Note: years are either the graduation year or the last year attended.
Faculty and Staff names are in alphabetical sequence.

Last Update 7/13/98

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  • Faculty and Staff ----- -Return to Top of page-

  • LTC Steven P. Barnard(??-present) / Academic Dean
  • MSG Lester Bastion(??-present) / Tactical Officer
  • MSG Elliott Brown(??-present) / Food Supervisor
  • LTC Edgar S. Burroughs(??-present) / Senior Army Instructor
  • CPT Nick Clearman(??-present) / Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, Athletics
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Conway(??-present) / Business Education, Computer, Yearbook Sponsor
  • CPT Sam Cawley(??-present) / Medical Officer
  • CPT Jeff Damron(??-present) / Guidance Counselor, Basketball, Sentinel
  • CPT Huelon Davis(??-present) / History, Science, Athletics
  • 1LT William C. Ford(??-present) / Tactical Officer
  • 1SG Fred Frank(??-present) / ROTC Army Instructor
  • SMG Robert Frayer(??-present) / Tactical Officer
  • J. D. Gooden('63-'81) / Coach, Athletic Director and P.E. Teacher
  • CPT Edward R. Guerra('84-present) / Tactical Officer and Supply Officer -
  • Luther T. Guy(??-present) / Math, Science
  • Mrs. Sandra Hall / Secretary to the President
  • Mrs. Melba Henderson / Secretary-Treasurer
  • Mrs. Marsha Hinnen(??-present) / Librarian
  • COL Albert P. Hovey('66-present) / Science Teacher, Academic Dean, Vice President, President -
  • CPT Joe Hudson(??-present) / Math, Health, P.E., Athletics
  • Mrs. Suzie Hudson(??-present) / 6th Grade, Beta Club
  • James Jackson('50-'56) / Science Teacher, Principal
  • Mr. Harvey Jennings(??-present) / Foreman, Buildings and Grounds
  • COL Albert "Bill" Jenrette('85-'94) / Commandant
  • Carl Kelly('7?-'8?) / Junior School Teacher, Choir Teacher
  • Dick Kirkland(1950's) / History Teacher
  • MAJ Dave Keown(??-'98) / Sr. Math, Athletics
  • Bill Lish('67-'79)(Bill Lish) / Business Education Teacher, Yearbook Advisor
  • MAJ Charles F. Livings('91-present) / Teacher, Admissions Officer, Assistant to the President -
  • MAJ Bob Meacham(??-present) / Spanish, History, Athletics
  • Dr. Frances McDurmont(9?-present) / Senior English
  • Dr. John R. Mize('70-'72) / Science Teacher
  • Mrs. Dorothy G. Moore(Class of '54)('95-present) / Alumni Association Executive Secretary
  • LTC Marcus Morman('72-'84) / Commandant
  • CPT Todd Mullville(??-present) / Outdoor Recreation Director
  • CPT Dee Orem(??-present) / Sr. History, Athletics
  • Ms. Margaret Orr(??-present) / Receptionist
  • Ms. Yvonne Petty(??-present) / Assistant Bookkeeper
  • Miss Annie Pitts(??-present) / Assistant Bookkeeper
  • Mrs. Becky Randolph(??-present) / Secretary to the Commandant
  • Mrs. Norma Reams(??-present) / Library Assistant
  • Mrs. Tamar Reed(??-present) / English
  • Mrs. Jean Royston(??-present) / Reading
  • James C. Sizemore(Class of '76)(1980's) / Science Teacher, Coach, Alumni Association Director
  • Reese Slaughter('62)(Reese and Mary Slaughter) / Teacher, Coach
  • Mrs. Peggy P. Smith('59-'95) / Secretary to the President, Alumni Association Executive Secretary
  • COL Wesley P. Smith(Class of '47)('54-present) / Science Teacher, President, Chancellor, Chancellor Emeritus and Alumni Association Executive Director
  • John Strunk('67-'74) / Teacher -
  • Paul Tate('69-'83)(Paul Tate) / English Teacher, Drama Coach-Play Director
  • MSG Edward Thomas(??-present) / Tactical Officer
  • SFC Greg Vogt(??-present) / ROTC Army Instructor
  • SGM Cecil Wall(??-present) / Tactical Officer
  • CPT Joe Watson(??-present) / Band Director
  • COL Joseph C. Windle('95-present) / Commandant -
  • MSG Larry Wolfe(??-present) / Tactical Officer

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  • Special People ---- -Return to Top of page-

  • (These VIPs were not Students, Faculty or Staff, but they are important to LWMA!)
  • Members of the LWMA Board of Trustees (Some of these are Alumni, but not all). Sam Adams(Sam Adams), Dr. Clifton Cox('33)(Clifton and Helen Cox), Rev. Von McQueen('66), Judge John Patterson(John and Tina Patterson), Ben Russell, Jack Coley, and Wesley P. Smith('47)(Wesley and Peggy Smith)
  • Members of Dr. Lyman Ward's family.(Mary Ann Bernard - Granddaughter and Mary Bernard - Great-Granddaughter)
  • Members of Mr. J. Brackin Kirkland's (Class of 1912)(2nd President) family.(Dick Kirkland - Son)(Alice and Dick Kirkland)
  • Members of MAJ Eli H. Howell's(Class of 1933)(3rd President) family.(Diana Howell Hunter - Daughter)
  • Wesley P. Smith('47)(Class of 1947)(4th President) and Family(Wesley and Peggy Smith)(John Clayton and Ruth Smith)(Edgar and Iris Smith)
  • Albert P. Hovey(5th and current President) and Family (Paul Hovey('85))
  • Mrs. Martha Dixon(Martha Dixon)(Widow of Solon Dixon('22). Benefactor to the school.
  • (Gordan S. Jones) with the Solon Dixon Foundation.
  • (Phillip G. Jones) with the Solon Dixon Foundation.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Davis(Joe and Midge Davis) Benefactors to the school.
  • Mrs. Jerri Beck(Jerri Beck) / Author of "Their Country's Pride - The Centennial History of Lyman Ward Military Academy"* -
  • Robert E. Simmons, Jr.(father of Robert Ellis Simmons, III('97)) / Web Master at http://www.lwma.org, the official L.W.M.A. Web site.

*If you need ordering information for the Centennial History book, visit: Book Information

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