The Short Life of "BATTY MAN"
"BATTY MAN" Runs Amok at L.W.M.A.

Created by Gerald Blackwell('83)

Looking for Batty-Man


The Great "BATTY MAN" Ordeal

by Gerald Blackwell('83)

From: Gerald Blackwell (GBLACKWELL)
To: Brian Brunner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
Date: 8/12/1999 12:04 am

Okay, okay, I'll tell... Here's the scoop on Batty Man, such as it is: he was, truth be known, a pale imitation of the legendary Green Phantom; he was also me, but that was something of an open secret, as I was and still am about as stealthy as an arthritic wildebeest.

BM's claim to fame was a penchant for leaving neatly written notes taped to walls, doors, what have you, always so they could easily be removed (no vandal I...), emblazoned with the terrifying phrase "Batty Man was here".

This foolishness went on for several weeks, and I take a small comfort in the fact that it drove CWO Charles Hubbard, our Tactical Officer, to distraction (ah, youthful spleen...). In the end, Col. Moreman called me into his office and admonished me to knock it off, lest some less conscientious individual get some silly ideas. He actually seemed to find the whole thing mildly amusing.

And so, the Winged Wonder evaporated with little fanfare, and I went on to become a productive member of society (now fancy that!). I have a photograph lying around somewhere, snapped by Pat Maraman('83) in '82 or '83; when I find it I'll scan it and send it to you. Maybe you could place Batty Man in the "Green Phantom Wannabe Hall O'Fame"...

Gerald Blackwell '83


Who Sold Out "BATTY MAN"?

by Sam Morrow('83)

From: Sam Morrow (I311CG)
To: Gerald Blackwell (GBLACKWELL)
Date:8/16/1999 8:16 pm

Yo! Gerald,

I read with great interest your account of the Great Batty Man Ordeal, and thinking back, I remembered that I was your roommate at the time. I especially remembered the note you left on the right side of the wall at the entrance to the Dining Hall. Who else would find it but "You-Know-Who?" Do you remember how gleeful we were as we watched out the window, after CWO Hubbard found it?

"Batty Man is coming for you!"

Later that night he called a Senior School formation on the front road, and offered a $100.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Batty Man. Can't quite remember the profiteering soul who ratted you out (XXXXXXX or XXXXXXX)*, but I do remember that, after that ordeal, you started to get more respect from the other cadets.

Oh, what an interesting time in our lives!

Face it... "That Little Man" was out to get us : )

Sam Morrow '83

Part III

The Evil Bat Insignia!

by Bucky Heard('83)

From: Bucky (HEARDS)
To: Brian Brunner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
9/8/1999 6:40 pm

If I remember correctly, "Batty Man", a.k.a. Gerald Blackwell, left his evil bat insignia everywhere which in turn proceeded to drive his "arch-nemesis" CWO Charles Hubbard insane!!!!! It was awesome! Ha! There was even a bounty out for "Batty" at one point...anyone care to embellish on the story...FEEL FREE!


  * The names were deleted to protect the innocent and the guilty.

Edited by Brian V. Brunner('64)

Batty-Man Lives!

Greald Balckwell's alter ego!

Photo taken by Pat Maraman('83)


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The Batty Man photograph was supplied by, and the Green Phantom image and caption were created by Gerald Blackwell('83)

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