The Phantom Ninja

Story By Dale Brown('85)

Ok, This one I am probably best remembered for. If you attended LWMA in 84-85 time frame you probably remember the weekend (nights) spent chasing someone in a Black Outfit (Ninja).. Well if you did not know that was me. It started out as a game some of the guys trying to catch me at night and from that it turned into something larger. One night I can remember I looked up from the stands at the football field and I think the whole damn school was charging down the hill because someone had seen me and they were all out to catch me. I had gotten away from quite a few people before that night but that night I got caught by another friend who did not know it was me until he bear hugged me and I had to confess to get him to let loose (He had 75 pounds on me) before I was mauled by the crowd coming on fast.

Then the next night I went at it again and during the movie showing in the gym (remember those) I was standing in a window outside and I guess I was able to be seen from the lights from outside casting a shadow in the window. One of the TAC officers (don't remember name) came outside and got below me. There was no where for me to run. I was caught red handed. He proceeded to carry me into the movie area where everyone was and he was going to unmask the "Phantom Ninja" in front of everybody when he went to remove the mask my friend (who did know at the time Denzil Jennings) quickly hit the button on the projector and the lights went out. Needless to say I was GONE. I don't know if anyone saw my face or not.

It did get around who I was eventually because I remember about 6 years later with wife and kid with me and on the way to my new base while I was in the Air Force I stopped in to say HI. I saw (MSGT) Gurerra in the mess hall and he introduced me to some of the new staff that I had not met before as the Ninja Boy.. hahaha ....

Now that I have totally humiliated myself.......I'll end on that note..

Dale Brown ('85)
Sep-20-1999 11:37 pm

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