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S.I.I. and L.W.M.A. Buildings and Landmarks

No. Year Name
Known Facts
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1. 1828 Dr. Ward's home Old Plantation House
a.k.a The Haunted House
2. 1898 Marlo Cottage Given by Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Langley in 1898.
The school started here.
Later it was known as The Shack. It stood on the left side of the road behind the main entrance.
3. 1900
Ross Hall
Ross Hall Photo Page
First school building erected. First named "College Hall." Later amed for D.A.G. Ross, benefactor of the school in the beginning 1898. Burned June 23, 1925 and rebuilt in Sept. 1925. Second oldest building. This building has been, a classroom building, a basketball gym, a dormitory, a dining hall and infirmary, staff housing, and now the ROTC building with classrooms, offices and the armory. 62
Ward Cir.
- Rebuilt
4. 1903 Alabama Hall
Alabama Hall 1957
Three story dormitory was located on the west Hill Hall site.   195?
5. 1909 Goodwill Hall - 1907
under construction

View 2 - Goodwill Hall 19??
View 3 - Goodwill Hall 1920
View 4 - with Alabama Hall - 1920
View 5 - with Alabama Hall - 1928
View 6 - Russell Hall -1963
View 7 - with Allen House - 1960
View 8 - 1970's
View 9 - 1980's
Funds provided by a friend in Philadelphia. Remodeled in 1960 with funds provided by Robert A. Russell, benefactor of Russell Mills in Alexander City, AL. Robert A. Russell Hall name plaque now on the Headquarters building now standing in the same location   1985
6. 1911 Crescent Knoll A bungalow usually used by a teacher.   19??
7. 1912 Dining Hall  Located on the back road between Alabama Hall and Goodwill Hall.
Contained kitchen and dinning room with seating for 150 persons.
8. 1912 Water System     19??
9. 1914 Drummond Print Shop
Old Infirmary and staff housing.
Funds given by Mrs. C. F. Dole. located right of front gate. Infirmary remodeled from print shop. Oldest building on campus. 26
Ward Cir.
10. 1914 Old Supply Building
Lincoln Science Building
Shop Classroom Building
Was located to the left of Ross Hall and right of Allen House. Supply room moved to Hill Hall in 1964.
This building was used as the band room for a short time after the supply room was moved.
11. 1914 Well Drilled      
12. 1921
Allen House (1921-25)

Allen House (after 1925 - Photo - 19??)

Allen House and Campus 1959-60

Allen House (1962)

Named for Miss. Allen who donated the funds after the first Building burned in 1923 and was rebuilt in 1925. This building was a dormitory located between Russell Hall and the old supply building on the west side Wallace hall site. During the late 50's and early 60's this building housed at different times, the pool room, a barber shop, and the canteen on the first floor. The armory was in the basement in 1962 and the old dorm rooms on the second and third floors were storage space.   1923
13. 1930 Tallapoosa Hall
View 2 - Under Construction
View 3 - 1970
View 4 - 1988
View 5 - 1992
View 6 - 1997
View 7 - 2000
View 8 - 2001
Cornerstone - 1998
Academic Building named for Tallapoosa County. Built with a grant of $50,000.00 from the state of Alabama in 1927. The armory was in the basement of this building from 1963 until moved to Ross Hall after the new Dining hall was built 131
Cadet Dr.
14. 193? Cabin Cabin erected by the boys overlooking Lake Mary.   194?
15. 194? Concrete Bleachers Facing old football / drill field and highway 50.    
16. 194? Outdoor Swimming Pool Located across highway from the west entrance. No longer in use.    
17. 194? Friendly Hall
Kirkland Hall
Friendly Hall first, then renamed for J. Brackin Kirkland a graduate of SII and President from 1942 - 1949. Became Chairman of the Board of Trustees in 1948. (dormitory)   1992
18. 1944 Dr. and Mrs. Ward Grave Site Located across the front road in front of Dixon Chapel    
19. 1950 Dr. Lyman Ward Monument
View 2 (1950)
View 3 (1992)
View 4 (1998)
Located in front of Ross Hall.    
20. 1950 Ward Hall
Howell Hall
Known as "New Brick" when Goodwill Hall was known as "Old Brick" in the late 1950's. (dormitory)Renamed for Eli Howell who was a SII graduate of 1933 and President of the school from 1949 - 1959. 220
Ward Cir.
21. 1961 76mm Cannons (1961)
View 2 (1999)
These two anti-tank guns were placed on either side of the Dr. Ward monument in 1961. Moved to the flagpole area in 1963 to take picture of the Color Guard, Band, and the flag at half-mast in honor of President Kennedy after his assassination in November.    
22. 1963 Entrances Brick wall with LWMA and lamps, east, and brick columns with lamps west.    
23. 1964 Hill Hall Named for O.V. Hill. He was a graduate of SII in 1928. He later became a Trustee of the school. This building is a dormitory, with the canteen and pool, and TV rooms in the lower floor. The supply room was here before the new supply building was built. 164
Ward Cir.
24. 1964 Brooks Rifle Range Named for James E. Brooks who graduated in 1947. 475
Cadet Dr.
25. 1966 Bleachers Built At the new football field that was completed in 1964.    
26. 1967 Wallace hall Named after Gov. Lurleen Wallace. A dormitory Located on the old Allen House and old supply building site. 100
Ward Cir.
27. 1967 Permanent Reviewing Stand Located on the Drill Field.    
28. 1967 New Dining Hall Located across the back road from Wallace Hall 284
Cadet Dr.
29. 1967 Brick Flagpole Base "The Gun mount"    
30. 1968 Infirmary Wing Added to the old Infirmary Building / Staff Housing 26
Ward Cir.
31. 1968 Outdoor Rifle Range Located on the back campus northeast of Lake Mary.    
32. 1972 Clock Clock installed in the Tallapoosa Hall Clock Tower.    
33. 1973 Gymnasium - 2001
Gym Logo 1988
Located on back campus, across from new football stadium. 106
34. 1973 Indoor Swimming Pool
Aquatic Center -2001
Located next to New Gym 80
35 1982 Dixon All Faith Chapel Named for Solon Dixon. He graduated from SII in 1922. Benefactor of the school. 282
Ward Cir.
36. 1986 Headquarters (1989)
Located on Russell Hall site. 132
Ward Cir.
37. 1987 New Flagpole Erected by the Alumni Association.    
38. 1989 New Supply Building Located across the back road from Hill Hall. 374
Cadet Dr.
39. 1992 Futch Parade Field Named for Brig. Gen. T.L. Futch. Commandant of Cadets at LWMA from 1959 - 1967. Marker in front of Reviewing Stand has bricks from Russell Hall around it. (Gen. Futch's office was in Russell Hall.) Funds raised by the Alumni Association.    
40. 1992 Martha Dixon Library

Science Classrooms and Science & Computer Labs (Ground floor in back)

Martha Dixon Library and Ross Hall

Named for Martha Dixon, benefactor and Solon Dixon's widow. Library, Science classrooms, and Science Labs moved from Tallapoosa Hall to this new building. 282
Ward Cir.
41. 1995 Staff Housing Wing Added to Hill Hall.    
42. 1998 Wesley P. Smith Auditorium
View #2 2001
Located to the west of Dixon Chapel and east of the farm buildings. A 500+ seat facility for the school.
This was also the Centennial of the school.
Ward Cir.
43. 1998 Staff Housing Wing Added to Wallace Hall.    
44. 1999 New Field House Built past the north end zone at Ranger Field. 193
45. 1999 New Roof Added to Howell Hall.    
46. 2000 Staff Housing Wing Added to Howell Hall.    
47. 2001 Hyram S. Cawley Infirmary Built north of the old infirmary - # 30.
Side View
Cadet Dr.
48. 2001 Alumni Center and Museum Help the Alumni Association build it. ???
Ward Cir.
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Cadet Drive = Back Road
AWOL Avenue = Road to the Back Campus
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