Camp Hill Churches Vol. II


Angelloz's Grandmother

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Bryan S. Hintz('81)
Paul Tate (LWMA Faculty 1965-1983)

From: Bryan s. Hintz (HINTZ)
Date: 9/10/98 5:32 PM

When I attended LWMA, Catholics attended mass on campus and we from the "other" categories marched to services at the Universalist Church. After services there we were allowed to attend services at the other churches or walk back to campus on our own. A few dollars of my allowance (as well as many of my cohorts) went into the fund that built the chapel on campus.

My favorite fund raiser for the chapel was held on parents day in 1981. A cadet named Angelloz (Wade A. Angelloz '81) had a grandmother who donated a quilt and it was a great one I remember. There were a bunch of us cadets who wanted to win that quilt. The reason was because Angelloz's grandmother was somewhat of a legend to us. Whenever Angelloz would reprimand, discipline, or call somebody on B.S. he would spout off some big Paul Bunion / John Henry like feat she had or could accomplish. (Example:"My grandmother could take on Alabama in Football by herself with a thousand pounds of concrete on her back playing both offence and defense and score a thousand points") Some of us did get to meet her on parents day that year and lucky for us she was just a sweet lady. Angelloz was just being an Louisianan "Coona--" (which was his nickname).

As far as Camp Hill being a ghost town, Was it not always? I remember the drug store because it was also the bus station. I remember one or two other stores but they did not have much. There was one business that burned to the ground along main drag. I don't remember the date but it happened between '79 and '81 during a spring football jamboree. The fire burned through a power main cutting off power to campus and half of Camp Hill. (My memory is foggy so back me up Major) I used to think that we cadets kept Camp Hill in existence. I do like to know what commerce there is in Camp Hill that keeps it running.

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
To: Bryan s. Hintz (HINTZ)
Date: 9/10/98 6:56 PM

Thanks for helping me remember Angelloz's grandmother. I have not thought about Angelloz or his grandmother in a long, long time. She was (is?) quite a lovely lady and not at all as her grandson would have us believe. And the quilt -- the "chances" (as in lottery) that were sold on that quilt provided quite a sum of money as a donation to the new chapel.

The only fire downtown that I can recall was a five and dime store located right next door to the Alabama Power Company building. That might have been within the years you mentioned. As far as losing power, I don't recall that. I may not have been on campus when that happened.


Subject: Angelloz's Grandmother
Date: Tue, Aug 8, 2000 1:29 AM

Hi, I'm a cousin of Wade Angelloz. Wade is now married with two children and resides in Baton Rouge. But some of family still lives here in Grosse Tete, La. Sorry to say grandma Alice past away a couple years ago. If you would like more information address etc, on how to contact Wade? Be more than happy to give to you.

Cindy Angelloz

Update: 8/23/00 9:34PM

The grandmother you guys were referring to? My mistake, it was the wrong grandmother. Wade informs me it's grandmother Katie, not Alice as I presumed. Grandmother Katie is alive and healthy, reaching age, I presume to be 100. If you have anything of interest for Wade to read let me know. I've been printing and sending to him.

Cindy Angelloz

Editor's Note: I have passed Wade's mailing address along to the Alumni Office and if we get an e-mail address for him it will be posted on the Alumni E-Mail Page after we get his permission to display it there.

I also have been pointing out stories to Cindy that might be of interest to to Wade.

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