Centennial History Book, Beta Club Print,

and Other Memorabilia Ordering Information

Centennial Book

The SII and LWMA History Book
- Their Country's Pride -
- The Centennial History of Lyman Ward Military Academy -

- by Jerri Beck -

To obtain a copy of this wonderful book send $12.00 for the book plus $3.00 postage ($15.00 total) to:

  • Lyman Ward Military Academy
  • Centennial History Book
  • Alumni Office
  • P. O. Drawer 550
  • Camp Hill, Alabama 36850-0550
  • Attn: Mrs. DeLene Cawley
Note: The Centennial History Book is paper back, has 200+ pages, measures 6 X 9 inches, has lots of B&W pictures, and has a list of all graduates from 1903 to 1997.

If you graduated from S.I.I. or L.W.M.A. in or before the class of 1997 your name is in this book!

Any questions about this book or the Alumni Association can be sent to:
Mrs. Amanda Kelly at lwalumni@lwalumni.org

Read the Dedication and Introduction to Their Country's Pride

Tallapoosa Hall Print for Sale

Tallapoosa Hall in the Snow
"Tallapoosa Hall in the Snow"
by Kevin Hay '95

The LWMA Beta Club Sponsors, have sent information to the website on how you can order this print of "Tallapoosa Hall in the Snow" by Kevin Hay '95.

The REAL print is 11 x 17 inches in size (The scanner left an inch off of the top, bottom, and both sides of the image above. So this image does not show all of the print.). At this time (Dec. 2003) the cost of the print is $12.50 which includes all shipping costs. (The cost is subject to change).

All proceeds benefit the LWMA Junior and Senior Beta Clubs

Send your order to:

  • Lyman Ward Military Academy
  • Beta Club Print Sales
  • P.O. Drawer 550
  • Camp Hill, Alabama 36850-0550
  • Attn: Mrs. Amanda Kelly

Any questions about the Beta Club print should be sent to:

The National Beta Club is an honorary organization that promotes academic excellence, character development, leadership skills and community service.

Any questions about ordering anything from Supply should be directed to:
the Supply Officer E-mail address: supply@lwma.org

Any questions about this page can be sent to: Brian V. Brunner ('64)

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