The Southern Industrial Institute as seen from
Camp Hill High School

Story Submitted by Barbara Langley Taylor(CHHS '52)
- Written by Leon Miller who passed away in 1999.

Camp Hill High School
Camp Hill High School
- 1959 -

This was written some time ago and the person has died. But I graduated at CHHS in '52 and SII and CHHS played each other last game every year then. Big competition! It's also in our annual. ...

S. I. I.

(The) Southern Industrial Institute was what is now the military school (LWMA). It was a (boarding) school (for boys) sent there from many different places to help boys who could not be handled at home, or had been in trouble, or maybe simply some parents didn't want them. The boys lived there and got their education. They were allowed to go downtown on Friday and Saturday night. Most of the people (students) from Camp Hill (High) School did not associate with them, at the same time there were no fights or confusion. I guess we as well as them just didn't integrate.

The homecoming football game was played with them and rotated from one school to the other every year. It was a hard fought game. We always marched to the drums to S.I.I. and they did likewise. Our team was the Wolverines. Mr. Dees was the coach in the earlier days before he was principal. I understand he was pretty tough.

Tallapoosa Hall

Note: Barbara Taylor is working on a book about the history of Tallapoosa County. If you have anything about LWMA or Camp Hill that you think she might need, e-mail her using her underlined name at the top of this story.

The 1959 photo of Camp Hill High School came from the 1960 yearbook of
Billy H. Eaton - CHHS Class of 1960 -
Webmaster at - The Camp Hill High School site -

Complied and edited by Brian V. Brunner('64)

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