LTC Ramsey

Thoughts of Colonel Everett H. Ramsey

Story By Paul Tate, LWMA Faculty, 1965 - 1983

During my first year at Lyman Ward as a teacher, Lt. Col. Everett H. Ramsey, who had retired from Georgia Military Academy as dean, was the Dean of Instruction at Lyman Ward. In fact, he had previously retired from Georgia Public Schools even before he went to GMC. Anyway, Colonel Ramsey's teaching had always been in secondary mathematics, and, although he did not teach a class at Lyman Ward, he considered himself to be the authority on secondary mathematics instruction. Needless to say, he was a little jealous, professionally, of General Futch as a teacher. I don't think Colonel Ramsey liked the methodologies and instructional strategies that the General used. Sometimes he would remark that the General was using archaic methods to teach algorithms. He was also envious of the excellent rapport and relationship that the General had with his students.

We ultimately will need to have "Lt. Col. E. H. Ramsey Stories" section on the message board. There are many cadets and former teachers who could tell many stories about Colonel Ramsey. He was a fine man despite some shortcomings that we all as humans have. He was dean for about ten years. Albert Hovey became dean whenever Colonel Ramsey retired. Again! Colonel Ramsey passed away in 1983, as best I can recall, at his home in near Barnsville, Georgia.

From the Taps Page:

Colonel Everett H. Ramsey, Dean of LWMA 1964-1973,

died at his home in Marshallville, GA in December of 1983. He had served 42 years in education, 36 of which were in the administrative field. Before coming to Lyman Ward, he was Principal of the High School Department at Gordon Military College, Barnesville. GA. He is survived by his wife Eugenia, three sons and two daughters.

(From the March 1984 Lyman Ward Sentinel.)


Lt. Col. E. H. Ramsey
Dean of the Academy and Principal

Lieutenant Colonel Everett H. Ramsey, to whom we dedicate this edition of The Ranger as a humble and limited offering of appreciation and gratitude for being our friend for all these years, has been in the education field for nearly 40 years, three-fourths of which have been spent in administrative positions of principal, dean and counselor in many public and private institutions in Tennessee. Alabama, and Georgia. He is a product of an education family. since his parents were teachers, and he heads an education family with his lovely and dedicated wife, Eugenia, who is also a teacher. Colonel Ramsey received his undergraduate degree in secondary education from Middle Tennessee State University. and his master's degree in school administration from Emory University. Whenever a young man at Lyman Ward has needed expert advice and attention, he has found it after consulting Colonel Ramsey, who is a warm humanitarian who has given his entire life to the development of young people.

(From the 1970 Lyman Ward Ranger.)

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