How "Crack" Sizemore '76 Got His Name

Story By DOC Sam Cawley (LWMA Medical Officer and Coach 1975 - 2000)

and Dee Orem (LWMA Teacher and Coach 1973 - present)

TO: Brian Brunner
From: Doc Cawley
Tue, May 23, 2000 11:56 PM

J.C.Sizemore, Class of 76, earned the nickname "Crack" by being in he room across the hall from Coach Dee Orem. Coach Orem was lecturing away and glanced across the hall into the other room. Lo and behold there was Sizemore in the door mooning Orem's class. Coach Orem went into a rage and screamed for Sizemore to cover that "Crack". The name stuck and has for 25 years. None of his classmates know him by anything else.

TO: Brian Brunner
From: Doc Cawley
Sun, May 28, 2000 12:16 AM

It is alright with Sizemore to print the story.

TO: Brian Brunner
From: Dee Orem
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 17:12:46

The story is true, I'm not sure what I said. Sizemore was alredy called Crack at the time. The teacher who allowed, or put him up to this was Bill Lish. It is a good story, not sure about the posting, but I was innocent, Crack was framed, and I'll not ever forget it.

Take care,

Doc Cawley with Cadet
Doc Sam Cawley
with Cadet William J. Barber '78
(From a school catalog)

Doc Cawley
Doc Sam Cawley - May, 2000
(Before his retirement in November of 2000)

Note: Doc's e-mail address is still good in 2001.

Dee Orem
Dee Orem - May, 2000

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